How To Fly Ultra-Low-Cost Airlines Without The Hassle

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Let’s face it: In life, you generally get what you pay for. This is why people complain constantly about flying ultra-low-cost airlines: Sure, you pay way less than you might for a flight on the other household name airlines, but you’ll be up against all sorts of rules, obstacles, and hidden fees.

When we say “ultra-low-cost airlines,” we mean the ones that have no frills or perks such as in-flight WiFi and entertainment. You’ll save major dollars flying with these carriers, but you’ve also likely heard more than your fair share of complaints about them. The events that usually result in these grievances are usually easy to avoid, and here are our tips for doing so.

First, read the airline’s carry-on and baggage restrictions well ahead of your flight. Do so many, many times, so that you can’t forget the size restrictions these airlines charge on bags. For example, some airlines allow you to bring only one personal item, and nothing else, aboard, as long as the item’s dimensions are no more than a certain length, width, and height. If you arrive at the airport with a personal item larger than this—and you will have the size of your bag measured—you might pay a hefty fee, anywhere from $20 to even $100, to bring it aboard as a carry-on.

This brings us to the most important point of all: if you know you’ll need to carry on or check bags, don’t fly ultra-low-cost! Although the ticket prices seem appealing, ultra-low-cost airlines make their money from bag fees. The household name airlines charge more for tickets because they usually include carry-on and checked bags.

Outside being careful and considered about bags, know what you’re in for on the actual flight. Ultra-low-cost airlines often don’t have food or drink available in-flight, so bring snacks and water with you (reminder: you can only bring empty water bottles through security). Because ultra-low-cost airplane seats somewhat lack comfort, you might want to bring whatever you can fit in your personal item or buy some snacks in the airport before boarding.

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll have as few issues as possible flying ultra-low-cost! Take that vacation—you deserve it.

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