These Vegan Pancake Recipes Will Start Your Weekend Right

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Everyone loves pancakes. They’re starchy and sweet (and sometimes savory!), making for a delicious breakfast for a slow, easy start to the day. The problem is, they usually contain eggs and milk, so vegans can’t eat them.

During the last many years’ exponential growth in the vegan movement, we’ve stumbled upon recipe after recipe for vegan pancakes. Below are a handful of the recipes we’ve enjoyed the most, specifically because we wouldn’t know they were vegan if we didn’t make them ourselves.

Pumpkin pancakes. This recipe from One Green Planet combines pumpkin puree, which is an overlooked cooking staple for all times of the year, with traditional vegan pancake ingredients. This delightful breakfast is as good in October as in June!

5-minute pancakes. If you’re really starving, Genius Kitchen has the lowdown on how to make pancakes as quickly as possible without sacrificing flavor. Most of what you’ll need will already be on your baking shelf.

Whole grain pancakes. This one requires ground flaxseed and rolled oats. It’s worth buying these—they can quickly become staples of a healthy vegan kitchen. Find the recipe, which you can try on a standard skillet or an electric griddle, here.

Diner-style pancakes. Looking for giant pancakes with that signature diner bite and fluff? This recipe from VegNews has you covered. Head here to bring that classic American diner experience into your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to step outside the box or keep things simple, these pancake recipes are certain to satisfy! Tomorrow morning’s not too early to try one of these.

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