This Egg-Peeling Hack Is Sweeping The Internet

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If you’re like me, then you probably don’t have the patience required to peel a boiled egg without destroying the whole thing. Thanks to one Canadian, we now have a solution for one of the kitchen’s most annoying potential obstacles.

Twitter user Viva Frei recently posted a minute-long video that reveals an amazingly simple way to get that hard, flaky shell off your egg while keeping the cooked whites and yolk entirely intact. The only concession is that it might not be ideal for any situations in which you’ve cooked the eggs for a group of people, but if you’re the only person who will be eating all the eggs, then boy have we found the life hack for you!

It’s simple: Boil the eggs as you normally would, and cool them as you normally would. Once you’re at the point where you’re ready to peel the eggs, don’t use your hands as usual. Instead, take a knife to the top end of the egg, and use it to peel away a small amount of shell. Repeat this process at the other end of the egg. Then—and here’s why you won’t want to share these eggs with other people—cradle the egg in your hands and blow into the top end of the egg.

Blow hard. Like, deep breaths at the doctor’s office. It may take a few breaths—for Frei, it took five—but the force of the air from your lungs moving through the space between the egg and its shell should separate the two pretty much completely. Slowly pull the egg from its shell (which will wind up at the front of your mouth, so just be sure not to swallow!) for a perfectly intact boiled egg.

With how simple and quick this hack is, no wonder the internet’s abuzz about it. Next time you’re making boiled eggs for one, you’ll blow through peeling them—literally and figuratively.

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