Here’s How To Stay Fit When It’s Snowing and Icy Outside

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Winter: It’s cold and gray outside, and even walking around the corner can send those awful shivers all throughout your body. For runners, bikers, joggers, and outdoor exercise lovers, this season can pose challenges to established fitness regimens. Don’t let the frost keep you from staying in shape — here are our tips for staying fit during winter.

Yoga. Did you know that yoga can help you lose weight? One four-year study showed a strong correlation between weight loss and regular yoga practice. Although yoga isn’t as vigorous as other forms of exercise, it’s also correlated to good heart health, low stress, improved sleep, and more. Plus, you can easily do it at home!

Weight lifting. Whether you’re driving to the gym or exercising at home, lifting weights is a great way to both maintain your cardio fitness and build muscle. Gym memberships at chains such as Planet Fitness and LA Fitness are super affordable, and a one-time investment in a set of weights for home use is similarly wise.

Running. It is still entirely possible to go for a run in the winter. You just need to prepare more than you would during other seasons. Without properly warming up before a winter run, you can find yourself coughing painfully (but usually temporarily) afterward. For a successful winter run, layer up, stretch out, walk outside for 5-10 minutes before running, and then get moving!

Find a free class on YouTube. The internet is a treasure trove for free fitness classes that you can follow along with right in the comfort of your home. We’re especially fond of the videos that PopSugar Fitness uploads, but a simple YouTube search for whatever kind of workout you’re seeking — cardio, weight lifting, even calisthenics — should turn up great results!

No weather should stop you from keeping yourself in top shape. Here’s to a happy and healthy winter for all the world’s fitness buffs!

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