Five Phone Apps That Can Help Keep You Organized

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These days, our smartphones are way more than just devices that let us make phone calls and take selfies. More and more people use them to do work while traveling and even in the office. With smaller screens and a touch-screen keyboard (plus the Facebook app!) comes the potential for disorganization, but the five apps below have helped us master our workflow.

Google Drive

The user-friendly Google Drive mobile app makes it a breeze to organize text documents, spreadsheets, upload photos and more. It makes accessing your files a piece of cake, especially if you download the Docs and Sheets apps, too. Collaboration with coworkers has never been easier!

Google Calendar

Google Calendar has a serious leg up on most in-built mobile calendar apps. In our experience, it syncs seamlessly with changes made via desktop, and the schedule view mode is especially nifty for seeing what the days ahead have in store for you.


Every phone comes with a built-in notepad app, and surprisingly, not everyone uses it. It makes a great checklist for tasks, errands, jotting down ideas, or whatever it is you need to keep track of.


Expensify makes keeping track of your business spending super easy. Come tax season, you’ll be grateful for the backlog of receipt photos you’ve taken with this app, which also lets you prepare monthly reimbursement reports, categorize and tag expenses, and more.  


Toggl lets you track how much time you spend on any given task. It’s useful for determining how much time you take to perform a frequent task. As you figure this number out, you’ll really be able to master your time management! Freelancers can use it to track time spent on tasks, too, which makes billing easier. Best of all, the basic version is totally free to use!

With these apps downloaded to your phone, you’ll find yourself more organized than ever before. Working without your computer has never been easier!

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