The Best Snacks To Serve At Your Super Bowl Party

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Getting hyped for the big day already? Everyone who watches football knows at least one person who’s planning to throw a big watching party for the biggest sporting event of the year. This year’s game, which takes place February 3, is approaching quickly, so if you’re the person having all your friends over to watch, it’s time to start thinking about what food to serve. Your guests are likely going to demand party snacks, so below are some reminders of football party food classics.

Chicken Wings. Is this not what immediately comes to mind when you think of Super Bowl Sunday? Greasy, buffalo-sauce covered wings are pretty much a Super Bowl tradition at this point. For the vegans and vegetarians in the crowd, skip Buffalo Wild Wings and give this homemade, plant-based chicken wing recipe a go.

Chips. Nachos piled high with cheese, sour cream, and beans are great for dipping in guacamole, sour cream, and salse. For a chip option that’s even more evergreen, just go wild on buying Tostitos (we prefer unflavored Scoops) and use them with these very same dips!

Mac n Cheese. Round things out with a dish that works amazingly as both a snack and a full meal. Bake a tray or two of mac n cheese ahead of time, and you’ll be sure to keep your guests satisfied until the very last touchdown. Here’s a simple recipe you can make just before your guests arrive.

Potato Skins. Who doesn’t love potato skins? You’d be surprised how easy they are to make, according to Simply Recipes. After you’re done adding the sour cream to these potatoes, you can use the remainder for nacho dip, so these might go hand in hand with chips!

Buffalo Chicken Dip. If you want your buffalo wings in dip form, all you need are cooked chicken and some cheeses. Taste of Home can teach you how to make a tasty dip from these ingredients in no time. Your guests will love it!

These are just five of the many snack options you can serve guests when game day arrives. On February 3, at 6:30pm EST, tune into CBS or stream the game on, the CBS Sports app, or CBS All Access. We can’t wait for next Sunday!

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