Singles’ Awareness Day Is The Antidote to Valentine’s Day

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It’s fully intentional that Singles’ Awareness Day occurs February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. Singles’ Awareness Day exists not just to honor anybody who’s single on Valentine’s Day, but to sardonically comment on the over-the-top ways in which people display their love for their partners on Valentine’s Day (and unite people annoyed by this trend). Just as February 14 is an excuse for couples to make their day or night even more romantic than usual, February 15 is an excuse for single folks to treat themselves to something distracting, uplifting, or relaxing, either alone or with friends.

Although Valentine’s Day is the clear frontrunner as far as “love” holidays go, Singles Awareness Day is attracting more attention, and creating more reasons to celebrate, than ever. Milwaukee Magazine, for example, suggests buying yourself roses and eating comforting desserts. Huffington Post’s Life section offers even more ideas, which range from taking a class to getting a massage. Buzzfeed has a list of Singles’ Awareness Day greeting cards, too, for those who go the extra mile.

Although Singles’ Awareness Day earns media attention, most articles about it don’t examine its reasons for existing. The official Singles’ Awareness Day website proudly declares why this day is important. “This is the day that all of the single people can proudly stand up and show that it is OKAY to be single!” the website reads, before making a more pointed declaration about the day’s origins: “Sure, some people would prefer to have their February celebration on February 14, but the rest of us appreciate the break from the commercialism.” The website also offers motivation for people who feel bad about being single.

Whether because it celebrates the joys of single life, reminds you that being single is okay, lambasts the commercialism some associate with Valentine’s Day, or just gives you an excuse to treat yourself, Singles’ Awareness Day might be an occasion worth noting. Whether you’re celebrating this or Valentine’s Day, what matters most is that you’re kind to both yourself and other people.

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