Rihanna’s New Lingerie Club Empowers Me More Than Anything Else I Wear

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Few things make me feel more empowered than a gorgeous piece of lingerie. I feel unstoppable when that beautiful lace and intriguing color hit my skin. It’s like armor that nobody knows I’m wearing!

Even though I know I deserve to treat myself occasionally, I never find myself buying new pieces. I always felt like I needed an occasion to celebrate — something like a promotion — to justify that trip to the lingerie shop. “Just because” never felt like a good enough reason. Should I even expand my collection? I asked my friend Rachel how she finds the right lingerie to bring out her sexy side. She told me I should look to one of my favorite pop stars: Rihanna.

RiRi’s music always makes me feel like a queen. Her boldness, charisma, and assertiveness are beyond inspiring to me. She makes me feel strong and like I deserve to put myself first. So when Rachel told me that she’d recently joined Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty club, I knew right away that this collection would stand head and shoulders above anything I’ve ever tried. After all, Rihanna is all about celebrating diversity in body shapes and skin color — anyone who wants to feel fabulous belongs.

I headed to the Savage X Fenty website, where I saw models of all races and sizes donning stunning, bold, colorful bras and underwear. For the first time, I saw myself reflected in that lingerie. I found Rihanna herself wearing a stunning number at the bottom of the page, and I almost screamed in excitement. I could rock something RiRi wears! Rihanna wants her lingerie line to encourage women to be themselves without apologizing for who they are, just like her music does for me, so it didn’t take much convincing for me to explore the Savage X Fenty club.

I started the process by taking a style quiz to figure out which of the line’s four style options would be best for me (I got “U Cute”). Savage X Fenty then led me to its monthly VIP membership sign-up page. As a member, I get discounts of up to 25% on all the line’s full-price styles, with new pieces released every single month. On months where my lingerie drawer got a little too full, I could turn my membership fee into VIP credits to be used toward any purchase on the site at any time. Every piece comes with a 30-day fit guarantee, too, so I could just send back anything that didn’t make me feel my best.

I took advantage of the Savage X Fenty 2 for $29 bras and bralettes deal right after signing up. I immediately grabbed two items I couldn’t stop seeing myself in: the Savage X Bralette and the Lace Bralette. When they arrived at my doorstep, I tore the package right open and tried both on. The next month, I got and the especially revealing Lace Cheeky and the comfortable High-Waist Microfiber Thong. I couldn’t believe how good each lingerie item. I took on the day with newly-refreshed confidence, outfitted with that gorgeous confidence-boosting hidden armor.

I love feeling like I’m buying lingerie made for me. From the budget-friendly pricing to the body diversity celebrated on the website, Savage X Fenty reminds me that I’m worthy of celebrating — not just for those special occasions. If you’re looking to indulge your sexy side on your own terms, you should sign up too and take advantage of the site’s 2 for $29 deal on bras and bralettes!

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