Five Products You Never Knew You Couldn’t Live Without

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Has an item ever become such a part of your daily life that you can’t remember how you lived without it? That’s how we felt before we tried out these five items. Read why we like them and try them out for yourself!

Never Lose Your Phone Between Car Seats Again

Anyone whose phone slipped between the car’s seat and the console knows this mini-crisis. You hit a bump on the road or make a sharp turn, and suddenly, your phone is stuck under your seat, in a gap so tight that you find yourself straining to retrieve it. With the Drop Stop, a product you may have seen on the popular TV show Shark Tank, that gap becomes a relic of the past. The Drop Stop covers the space between seats so that nothing, not even a super thin smartphone (or crumbs or bobby pins), can get in.

The Ultimate Economic, Multi-Use, Charging Backpack

Think back to the last backpack you bought. It probably had enough space for a laptop, a book, a notebook, and all your other necessities, but organizing your items is still a hassle. Sure, there’s a laptop pocket, but that tangled mess of charging cables, pens, and other small items is still frustrating, not to mention finding the space for your water bottle. This vegan commuter backpack solves these issues with separate pockets for your laptop, tablet, phone, pens, credit and ID cards, a water bottle, and a built-in power source. There’s even a small pouch on top perfect for sunglasses and keys.

A Squeegee Designed Just For Dishes

This squeegee for kitchen use is curved on one side to work especially well on bowls. No more sending food scraps down your kitchen sink’s drain — no one wants a clogged sink! Scrape oily, sticky food scraps you won’t want to touch into the garbage and remove food scraps from the base of your sink without spraying them into your drain. Your plumbing system will thank you!

Cube Your Travels For Better Packing

Even the most organized of us can think of a time when we just couldn’t fit everything we needed into a travel bag. With this packing cube bag, you can organize your belongings into four differently-sized soft containers that arrange neatly around each other in pretty much any bag. Thrilled customers swear that using these cubes open up more space in their bags than they ever could have imagined.

Hair Ties That Eliminate That Awful Post-Ponytail Crease

Hate that weird-looking crease you get from most hair ties? With this seemingly magic hair tie, a simple brushing right after you take this tie off and let your hair down brings it right back to its usual state, all without that dreaded crease. This tie works just as well for sleeping use as it does for daytime wear, and reviews agree that no matter the time of day, this hair tie is as gentle as could be.

What are some items you use every day now and can’t remember how you once lived without them? Let us know in the comments!

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