How I Completed My Clean Beauty Quest

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In my 20’s, I used to stock up on whatever made the most impact (glittery eyeshadows and 24-hour eyeliners). In my 30’s, with two little kids less than two years apart, I didn’t have time for makeup or moisturizer – I would just slather whatever I had on my face (even Aquaphor). As I approach my 40’s, I’m starting to fully realize the importance of what goes into your body is equal to that of what goes on your skin. I was cooking healthy meals for my family but neglecting to nourish myself from the outside in. Looking in the mirror, my face showed a lot of issues: dry patches, breakouts, uneven skin tone.

I decided to go on a clean beauty quest, because I wanted healthy products with a lot of natural ingredients.  I needed to find a line that wouldn’t break the bank or irritate my sensitive skin.  I knew what I didn’t want: parabens, fillers, mineral oil, phthalates or anything with fragrance. What I wasn’t sure of was where to begin.  

I started at my usual source for all things skincare, Byrdie. While learning all I could about clean beauty, I stumbled across a new brand called Care Skincare which came highly recommended from of their editors, this is what she had to say about their Moisturizer:

“The genius is in the texture—a gel-cream hybrid that feels like a burst of cooling hydration… I started using it at my desk, and then promptly took it home to use on the daily.”

I liked the calm, clean simplicity of their images and I noticed that many busy moms like myself were happy with results. Visiting the Care website, I saw that there are only five essentials – the brand clearly isn’t trying to push a lot of different products on you.  Each formula promised a multi-tasking approach to improving your skin with “minimal daily effort” – for me, that was a huge plus.

I placed an order for each of the five products on the website: Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser + Toner, Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream, Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream, The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer and Tireless Retinoid Night Serum.  Since I was a new customer and received 10% off my first order, plus Care always offers free shipping and samples (you can place an order for just the samples if you want to test out the waters, but you do pay for shipping & handling for a one time delivery).


I received a Care package with my new clean beauty routine in a few days, and – I’m telling the truth here – something amazing happened overnight.  I continued to use the products twice a day and my skin looked so radiant, so improved, that not only my husband but my favorite grocery store clerk were giving me compliments.  The dryness soon disappeared and instead my complexion was glowing, clearer and younger-looking.  

In my opinion, here are the top reasons to shop Care Skincare

1. Care uses the best ingredients. 

As I had mentioned, I didn’t want to worry about any harsh or toxic chemicals on my face. Care includes natural and proven to be effective ingredients like Turmeric Root, Hyaluronic Acid, Willow Bark, Black Tea Ferment, Vitamin C – even egg yolk extract.  They don’t test on animals, which is just as important to me as what they put into their formulas. 

2. The products are simple to use and super effective. 

Having all my skincare from one line actually simplified my life. I know the products work well together and I know exactly how to use them. There’s a pamphlet that describes what to do in the few minutes it takes to care for your skin in the morning and night.  I love how refreshed my skin feels after I use Care products – and I see a big improvement after a month of consistently clean beauty formulas. 

3. For a quality product, the prices are great. 

I know that some magazines rave about beauty drugstore deals, but I’ve never been a fan of the inexpensive mascaras or moisturizers.  They don’t seem to perform as well plus who knows what goes into them.  With Care, you get what you pay for – safe, quality ingredients and products at a fair cost. In the story page on their website, Care mentions they don’t sell to retailers, just to consumers, for the specific goal of keeping their prices reasonable. 

4. Care gives back to charities year-round. 

You can actually vote on Instagram to support different causes throughout the year. Care has made a commitment to always give back through their Because We Care program.  The brand just launched in December of 2018, but they’ve already assisted two important non-profit organizations: The California Fire Foundation and Every Mother Counts. 

Overall, I feel good about purchasing from this brand. Clean beauty, easy to use skincare, a company that is ethical in its ingredients, practices and contributions.  If you’re like me, try Care Skincare today!

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