The Five Best Shows Coming To Hulu In May 2019

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Just over four months into 2019, Hulu has already had a legendary year as its original TV offerings go. PEN15, Shrill, and Ramy have all drawn some of the streaming service’s strongest acclaim to date (plus, what’s arguably Hulu’s flagship original show, The Handmaid’s Tale, is set to return in early June). The lineup of shows coming to Hulu this month suggests that the streaming service is permanently upping its game as TV goes. Here are the five best shows in this lineup.

Drunk History, Season 6 (available now; originally aired on Comedy Central)

Following its massive success as a webseries on the popular website Funny or Die late last decade, Drunk History was picked up by Comedy Central in 2013. In its sixth season, available now on Hulu, co-creator Derek Waters and a plethora of celebrity guest stars play drunk people who struggle to recount historical events coherently and accurately. Among this season’s topics include the formation of the National Park Service, the Little Rock Nine, and the creation of Frankenstein.

Catch-22, series premiere (May 17; Hulu original)

In this limited-edition miniseries, which George Clooney directed and executive produced, George Heller’s novel — a staple of high school reading assignments — hits the small screen. Clooney’s six-part limited series is said to not deviate much from the novel, which is renowned as a scathing satire of military operations. Christopher Abbott will star as protagonist Yossarian, who attempts to avoid his most dangerous missions. Clooney will also appear on-screen, rather than just behind the camera, as Lieutenant Scheisskopf.

Baywatch, Complete Series (May 23; originally aired on NBC and in syndication)

The show that made David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson household names is coming to Hulu in full later this month. In Baywatch, which aired one season on NBC and then an additional ten in syndication, Los Angeles lifeguards fight through dramatic obstacles both on the job and off the job. The series’ arrival on Hulu comes two years after a film adaptation starring none of the original cast — Zac Efron and Priyanka Chopra were instead among the movie’s most notable stars — debuted to universally negative reviews.

Broad City, Season 5 (May 27; originally aired on Comedy Central)

Broad City’s final season wrapped earlier this year to some of the most extensive critical acclaim the already-beloved show has ever seen. When this season arrives on Hulu toward the end of the month, viewers will get to experience Ilana discovering a huge secret about her roommate Jaime, Abbi struggling to balance her dual life as a caterer and an artist at a gala, and the forces that changing geography can exert on even the strongest of friendships. Plus, Amy Sedaris reprises her guest role as a real estate agent, this time while steering Ilana in a pedicab.

The Terror, Season 1 (May 29; originally aired on AMC)

In the first season of this anthology drama series, set in the 1840s, Captain Sir John Franklin and his crew travel to the Arctic. In the true story on which this season is based, Franklin and his crew never return. In Dan Simmons’ 2007 novel The Terror, the author turns this story into a wellspring for thrilling dramatic fiction. David Kajganich thereafter adapted the novel for television. The show’s second season, set to premiere in August, will focus on an entirely different setting: the Japanese internment camps of World War II.

What shows coming to Hulu this month are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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