These Five Career Options Are Hot, New, and Emerging

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Many people desire career stability, but it can be hard to find. Often, people change their careers between three and seven times before they retire. Often among the factors behind this flux are financial considerations and the human need for stimulation, creativity, and new learning opportunities. The mind’s constantly-expanding nature likewise leads to the regular creation of not just new companies, but entirely new career paths.

Before the advent of computers, for example, the modern tech sector simply didn’t exist. Today, this sector dominates the job market, and many of the hottest new and emerging career options are related to technology. Check out a list of five hot, new, emerging careers both within and outside technology alongside their descriptions below.

Embedded Systems R&D Test Engineer

The title of this career path sounds imposing and jargon-heavy, but it’s really just a technical term for a person who designs self-driving cars. Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock has heard about self-driving cars at least in passing, even though they’re far from ubiquitous right now — 46 companies ranging from Ford to Amazon are working on their iterations of this futuristic transportation. Some universities now even offer courses devoted to the technology behind self-driving cars.

Wind Resource Assessor

In 2019, given the abundant evidence for climate change’s perils, the green energy sector is absolutely thriving. Jobs are abundant in green technologies across the board, and windpower is proving especially fruitful for birthing new, unprecedented careers. A wind resource assessor has a somewhat unusual job within the world of windpower — namely, finding predictably-windy places to serve as ideal wind farm locations. Wind resource assessor jobs are available in both major cities and remote towns.

Nursing Informatics

As ever, the healthcare sector remains an intricate, complexly layered web of technologies, patients, and workers. Traditional healthcare roles including nurses and doctors aren’t set to fade any time soon, but nursing informatics jobs are far more quickly gaining prominence. Those who work in this field are well-versed in nursing, computer science, and information science, and they combine the three to best manage and communicate data and knowledge at healthcare companies and facilities.

User Experience Designer

As the shape of technology in everyday life becomes more and more oriented around smartphones and apps, service providers care more and more about the experience of their users. This concern manifests not necessarily in extensive customer service, but instead in careers for people talented at optimizing a product’s branding, design, and interface to maximize the user’s enjoyment. A role in user experience design can also provide a natural pathway to becoming a creative director.

Speech-Language Pathologist

In this highly-trained, hyper-specific role, a healthcare specialist works with those who suffer from disorders related to talking and swallowing. These specialists often work in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices — or rotate among all these locations — with people whose disorders stem from stroke, Parkinson’s disease, hearing loss, or developmental problems. Roughly 26,000 speech-language pathologist jobs are expected to open within the next seven years.

If you could have any job at all, realistic or not, currently existent or not, what would it be? Share your ideas in the comments!

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