Guys, You’re Just 28 Days from a Better Face

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So, I spent the weekend with my granddad recently. We try to do it at least once a year. Having lost my Dad at a young age, Grandpa became the father figure in my life.

So I drive up to his condo in Santa Barbara and we just hang out and try and shoot nine holes if he’s feeling up to it. Gramps is in pretty good shape for his 79 years.

Except, that is, for his poor face. That mug has weathered an interesting and storied life, but hasn’t been well taken care of. And it shows.

On Sunday morning Bill (his actual name) sent me out to buy razors for him and I was, well, kind of appalled. He insisted on the cheapest disposable razors, because they’re all the same, he says. And it’s his habit to splash on aftershave. Cheap blades and harsh alcohol-based aftershave. Ouch.

Yep, Bill is old school—and Old Spice—all the way. No wonder his face is blotchy: oily and ruddy red in some places, dry and flaky in others. You can’t really help but notice the terrain of his face, and wonder what he’d look like now if he’d give his face some love over the years.

But Bill never even dreamt of a specially-formulated skin care system for his face. Just not what a man’s man of his vintage considered a must. He grew up in a time and place where “survival of the fittest” was a much more literal thing. His coming of age was the time he spent serving in Vietnam. No Instagram or selfie sticks back then.

The Evolution of Fitness

Earning a place among the “fittest” nowadays is a trickier game. We live in a complex and rapidly-changing world and we’re drowning in information. And so, there are no excuses for not taking care of yourself.

Unlike back in the 1960’s, everybody now knows cigarettes cause cancer, and everybody who has an internet connection can easily find a home workout routine.

Yep, we live in a hyper-competitive world. No more jobs for life. No guarantees. Who knows if there will even be Social Security when you retire? And nowadays being your own man now also means taking proper care of yourself. So, in this brave new world being fit includes taking good care of the only face you’ll ever have.

If you need extra inspiration here, consider a study that says women find men with healthy complexions and skin tone more attractive than dudes with big muscles. That’s right, gym rats. Get ripped, just don’t forget to take care of your face.

And men who take care of their appearance are more attractive to hiring managers, according to a famous Newsweek study.

The bottom line is: it sure doesn’t hurt to look your best—vibrant, healthy and alive—when you’re out there hustling to make your way in the world. In fact, you probably can’t afford to not look your best.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Now, I wasn’t blessed with George Clooney looks. Very few men are, of course, and the rest of us need all the help we can get. For one, getting dates on Tinder requires some decent close up shots.

Luckily for me, however, I don’t need dating apps at the moment, I’m happily spoken for. In fact, I have three great women in my life: my mom, sister—and my sweetheart Jenny. All three have great skin. Glowing faces. I can’t help but wonder how I came to be surrounded by all this beauty.

As for me, I seemed to have inherited my grandfather’s skin. Well, at least I got his sense of humor too, which is family legend..

It was Jenny that sent me a link to the Lumin’s skincare for men website. She’d found me examining a skin cleanser bottle in her bathroom recently. And she guessed I was looking for answers. I put the bottle back on the shelf and shrugged and walked past her, feeling a bit sheepish.

I have always had oily skin. My nemesis. And I absolutely loathed the cleanser I used as a hormones-out-of-control teenager. All it really seemed to do was dry the hell out of my face.

But I did prefer that to looking like I just soaked my face in chicken grease. So, based on past experience, I had kind of assumed that to lose the oily skin meant to just dry it out with harsh chemicals. I soon found out I could have a much better complexion in just 28 days!

Now I Look Forward to My Face Time

Thankfully, skin care has evolved big time. Oh, and in case you’re tempted to simply use your significant other’s skin care stash, you should know that men’s skin is significantly different from women’s. Your face deserves skin care formulated for men.

Lucky for us, Lumin has taken all the thinking and guesswork out of establishing a simple and very effective facial maintenance system for men. They are customized according to your age bracket and skin type. And no, it’s not expensive.

Plus it all delivered right to your door. So, you won’t even have to go down to the drug store and hunt through the men’s skin care offerings to find what’ll work for you. And no matter what your skin type is, Lumin’s got you covered.

Thanks to Jenny (and Lumin), I now have non-oily skin. And I actually look forward to giving my face a bit of love in the morning and before I go to bed. I’m amazed at how it relaxes and refreshes me, whether I’m starting my day or prepping for a good night sleep. Who knew?

When it Comes to Men’s Skin Care, Good Things Come in Threes

Coincidentally, there are also three basic actions you must take to properly maintain your mug. You’ll want to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate. If you can establish a simple routine with these this trio of easy tasks, your skin will put on it’s best face to the world for years to come.

Lumin’s lineup features deep-cleaning charcoal cleansers, invigorating exfoliating rubs, moisturizing balms and more. All their products come with clear instruction to make it simple to use and enjoy them.
And, for a limited time, Lumin has three collection sets of skincare products to make it simple and easy for you to maintain your face. Simply choose the collection that best suits your needs.

Better still, Lumin is offering the first month free, you’ll pay only shipping. So you can cancel if you don’t see an improvement in just a few weeks.
Choose your Lumin skincare trio and get started today:

What could be easier? Unlike my granddad, I’m blessed to live in an age when it’s simply, easy and economical to keep your face youthful and healthy-looking into old age. And with Father’s Day coming up soon, I think I’m going to surprise Bill with a Lumin subscription. Who knows, maybe he’ll even toss out the Old Spice and buy himself some decent razors!
According to Lumin, expect it take about a month to begin seeing results. I have to say, though, I’m only two weeks in and I’ve already been receiving compliments on my complexion. Now that’s something I would never have expected.

Life really is better when you take care of your face!

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