This Tap Turns Your Kitchen Into A Minibar Without Taking Up Space

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I love being the host of the party! Game day, weekend BBQ, holiday get-togethers — no matter what the occasion, I’m always finding an excuse to celebrate. I love having friends and family over for delicious bites and cool cocktails, including beers for my brew-loving friends.

The one thing I didn’t love, though, was the presentation. Heading over to the fridge to pull out a beer felt so very frat house to me. I wanted to recreate that upscale bar experience at home, not just crush some cans or clean up bottle caps everywhere. But what was the alternative? I’m not exactly about to buy a whole keg — I simply don’t have the room, or the stamina, to drink all that beer!

What I needed was something in between cans in the mini-fridge and an impractical and heavy full keg that would be stale by the next day. It turns out, that answer came with Hopsy.

I was introduced to Hopsy by my coworker Damon when he hosted a March Madness party. The beer at his house was always fresh, but I never saw a single can or bottle. As it turns out, Hopsy was tucked into the corner of his small apartment-sized kitchen, and it was so small I never noticed. All Damon does is load and tap the keg. We do the rest — pour and drink the beer!

Right when I got home from Damon’s, I headed to Hopsy’s website, where I saw how easily I could enjoy a beer whenever I wanted. Seeing the nearly 1,000 rave reviews on Hopsy’s website, and learning that the high-end German manufacturer Krups makes the machine, convinced me to give the SUB Home Tap and four minikegs (the 4 Keg Starter Pack) a try.

Once my tap arrived, I immediately set it up and inserted my first minikeg. It took up even less space than I’d remembered from Damon’s! I poured myself a remarkable Fracas Pale Ale and enjoyed it right in my own kitchen. That Fracas minikeg kept me well-stocked for way longer than a six-pack does — these minikegs last. That’s because not only does each minikeg have as much beer as a six-pack (and is priced more fairly), but with the SUB Home Tap’s perfect pour, not a single drop of beer goes to waste. Hopsy’s technology also keeps each minikeg fresh for longer, 30 days untapped and 15 days tapped.

Hopsy’s compact, unobtrusive design is just a part of why I love it. Hopsy surprises me with brews I know little about — and I live on Untapped. It lists the bitterness (IBU) and flavor intensity of each one so I know what I’m getting. Brew choices include IPAs, lagers, porters, and even a pilsner every now and again (lucky me!).

I really can’t remember the last time I bought a six-pack. I go to bars way less often now — instead, I’m the friend whose house everyone visits because I’ve got great beer whenever people want it. I never run out of beer either, since Hopsy automatically ships me my favorite minikegs on a regular basis. I know Hopsy’s going to get me the brews I need right on time, so I don’t have to worry about keeping my beer supply stocked. If I somehow find myself overstocked (never going to happen), I can always delay a shipment if I don’t finish my minikegs in time (also never going to happen).

Thanks to Hopsy, I’ve built a haven in my own home. Having a beer with dinner or while the guys are over has never been easier. I’ve always got the best beer available, in copious amounts, right on tap. Get started with Hopsy today to get the full brewery experience right in your home at only a fraction of the space and cost.


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