The Grill Isn’t Just For Meat – Try These Five Ideas

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We all love a good burger and corn on the cob straight from the grill, but everyone’s favorite summertime cooking appliance is good for way more than just meats and vegetables. Sure, nobody’s going to be upset about a hot dog served smoking hot and a bit charred, but the five grilling ideas below are as likely to surprise as they are to please. Any of these unusual grilling options are sure to bring a fun and well-received twist to the summer!

Grilled Guacamole, from Dad With a Pan

Guacamole is a huge people pleaser, but it usually doesn’t call for any cooking. For this recipe, on the other hand, grilling is integral, but it can be done without dramatic changes to the usual guac-making methods. Simply grill avocados on high heat for just five minutes before mashing them together with the usual onion, jalapeno, and other herbs and spices. Couldn’t be easier!

Grilled Fruit Tart, from McCormick

One of the most popular seasoning brands in the U.S. also offers some killer recipes, among which is this grilled fruit tart. Start by preparing a pie crust atop heavy-duty foil. Then, add ingredients such as sugar, vanilla, peaches and blueberries. Place the pie atop a grill set to medium-high heat for 20 minutes and enjoy this grilled take on a sweet dessert classic.

Grilled Angel Food Cake, from Good Housekeeping

Strawberries and balsamic, not to mention grilling, take this beloved dessert staple to the next level. Start by mixing the strawberries and balsamic vinegar with sugar and letting the mix sit for half an hour to properly dissolve the sugar. As the sugar dissolves, slice the angel food cake into six even pieces, then grill the pieces for just a few minutes. Turn the cake once throughout the grilling. Top it with the strawberry mix, and voila!

Grilled Stuffed Pears, from USA Pears

Sliced pears are already delightful completely uncooked, so why not take their flavor and combine it with grill-friendly fillings? Start by cooking some quinoa and letting it cool. As it cools, chop the pears in half, carve out a bit more of their flesh, and lather them in olive oil. Add chorizo, scallions, almonds, and mint to the quinoa as the pears grill cut side down, then rotate the pears and add the quinoa mix and a healthy dose of feta cheese.

Eclairs on the Grill, from Taste of Home

There really is no limit to what a grill can do. Eclairs might be just about the last thing anyone would think to grill, but it turns out that crescent dough takes amazingly to the sustained, direct heat exposure of a grill. Wrap the dough around a stick to grill it properly, then add the vanilla or chocolate pudding to the dough shells once fully cooled. Top with chocolate frosting and whipped cream and serve immediately or refrigerate for later.

What are some of your unusual favorite foods to grill? Share your go-to grillers in the comments!

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