How I Save Time And Eat Healthy

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I couldn’t be happier to walk in the door when I get home from work. I drop my bag in the foyer, beeline for my comfy sweatpants, give my husband a quick kiss hello, and ask our 8-year-old and 10-year-old about what they learned in school that day. It feels so great to shed the weight of the day… until I remember that I have to get dinner on the table!

My husband and I are constantly balancing raising kids, paying bills, getting errands done, and keeping up with the chores, staying healthy included. We treasure our family dinnertime, but with so many other responsibilities demanding our time and attention, we tend to rush our grocery runs and only stick to the quick, tried-and-true recipes we know.

Lately, we’re trying to eat a bit healthier and my husband is on a ketogenic diet. We’re both getting tired of grilled chicken and vegetables, among other keto staples. But it’s not like it’s a good idea to order in or get take out to save time — that’s just way too expensive these days, and raising two kids is already costly (and time-consuming) enough. Plus, I’m not sure how healthy it is to eat out all the time!

Enter Freshology. Fully-cooked, packaged, and fresh home delivery. (Not frozen like other meal plans) With unlimited flexibility you can pick your favorite meals from over 500 choices, switch menu plans, pause or start whenever you like. Your healthy, chef-prepared meals arrive ready to heat, eat, and enjoy. Also, you get full access to a health coach and nutritionist to make sure you’re achieving your weight loss goals.

Quick Read: I tried Freshology; it saved me tons of time shopping and cooking, and even helped me lose weight with access to a health coach and nutritionist. Get an $80 off  coupon here.

Let’s just say that my family is never going back! Here’s why:

It saves so much time

For the three days a week that my family receives Freshology meals, that’s an hour and a half saved over the stove. Since Freshology meals are delivered fresh and not frozen I can simply pop them in the oven and be ready to eat in no time. I no longer spend valuable time figuring out what to eat and what’s needed to make it. That frees up a ton of time to unwind from a tough day or help my daughter with a tricky math problem. Plus, the whole family gets to the dinner table that much faster because the recipes are super clear to follow.

Freshology cares about me achieving my health goals

Just by trying Freshology, I have an entire team of health professionals, including a Registered Dietitian, a Nutritionist, and a Certified Health Coach supporting me and my goals.

As part of the Freshology community, I received exclusive resources and programs that inspired me to strengthen my commitment to my health goals and stay motivated when I needed it most. Best of all, the program is  designed to fit perfectly into my busy life. A nutritionist alone could cost hundreds of dollars per month.

We get the bang for our buck

Before Freshology, I assumed that eating healthy all the time was expensive. I mean, have you seen how much fresh meat and produce costs? Freshology is able to do this because they buy in bulk and can deliver quality meals at lower cost than buying all the ingredients individually at a grocery store.

It’s super flexible

My favorite part of Freshology is that I’m not chained to a plan when I sign up. I have the freedom to pause meals and switch recipes whenever I want. That means if I get around to making that recipe I saw on Facebook last week, all I do is sign in to my account and pause delivery. My family can resume Freshology meals at any time. And the same goes for the meals selected in our plan — if we ever feel like trying something new, Freshology has over 500 options to keep dinner fresh and delicious!

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