This Service Saves Time and Guesswork on Errands and Lunch Runs

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My workdays get busy fast, and I try to avoid disruptions whenever possible. Between conference calls, team meetings, and big presentations, I need to maximize my stuffed schedule. The time I’d spend picking up lunch, running to the pharmacy, or checking out at the grocery store eats into my day. Add in LA traffic, and errands can spill over into valuable work time. In fact, I could easily spend a couple of hours each week just waiting in line for lunch. What a waste of time! 

Needless to say, delivery saves me hours of precious time. The only problem is coordinating delivery for everything…not just food. There are a ton of ways to get my medicine, groceries, and late-night eats brought to my door, but each has its own app. For stores that don’t have apps, I need to make separate calls to book a delivery. A “one and done” app would be so much more efficient — just add whatever I need to the cart, and boom, all my items are on their way with just a tap or two.

A lot of my friends who lead similarly busy lives use Postmates, but I’d never bothered to look it up myself. I assumed it was just another food delivery service, and I already had two of those apps. My co-worker Zach, with whom I share many late nights at the office, explained that he uses Postmates for food, drinks, groceries, and his medication, all rapidly delivered to him from a single app. As he gave me the rundown on why he loves Postmates, I realized that the app might be that one-stop solution I’d long sought.

I headed to Postmates’ website and typed in my office’s ZIP code to review the possibilities. I could get takeout from the hottest restaurants, receive special offers and platform exclusives, access rapid delivery options, and food choices popular in my neighborhood so I’d know what’s good before I even clicked. Postmates didn’t stop there: my local Ralph’s grocery store, the CVS where I get my medication, even Wal-Mart were all in the Postmates family. It was actually possible that I’d never wait in line again. To boot, the site offered me $10 credit just for placing my first order, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

Once I completed sign-up, I realized just how neatly Postmates folds all my previous apps into one service. With this one account, I could try new lunch spots and rely on my already-trusted sources for groceries, drugstore items, and other basic needs. My Postmates account would enable me to have pretty much anything – a half-gallon of soymilk, a new tube of toothpaste, a delicious Indian lunch – delivered to me in under an hour in many cases. Finding this one service that could handle pretty much all my needs was a dream come true, and best of all, its monthly fee was far lower than the total fees among all my old apps.

For my first Postmates order, I treated myself to noodles from a new Thai place I found in the Popular category. Maybe half an hour later (during which I squeezed in a conference call), my Postmates courier arrived with my freshly-cooked lunch. It turns out the recommendations were spot-on – my food tasted amazing, and I didn’t have to step outside my office to buy it! That night, when I found myself low on ground turkey, I hopped onto the Postmates app to arrange delivery with a local grocery store. Within a few days, I switched from waiting half an hour at the pharmacy line to receiving my prescriptions from the comfort of my own home.

Through Postmates, I love that I can skip the line and have my essentials delivered to me at what feels like lightning speed, all from a single app. With unbeatable delivery times and a slew of store and restaurant options, Postmates allows me to save hours I’d normally spend each week on errands. If you’re looking to get whatever you need whenever you need it and not hop among a bunch of apps to do so, you should sign up for Postmates, too.

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