The Five Coolest Back to School Gadgets

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School can be crazy. Before you know it, you might have tons of homework to complete and tests to study for, and you might not feel like you have enough time to do so. Many time management experts point to staying organized as vital for nailing the fine art of time management, and there are plenty of gadgets that can help keep you focused and on track. These five back to school gadgets are among the coolest and most practical around. 

1. A charging backpack

Do you hate that dreadful feeling of arriving at a cafe with a dying smartphone battery or a lecture hall with a dying laptop battery? With a charging backpack, you’ll always have the juice to keep up on emails and texts or properly take digital notes during class. These backpacks include built-in batteries that you can use to charge your devices on the go, so whether you’re heading to the library for a study session or a classroom for a review session, your devices will always be charged.

2. Noise-canceling earbuds

With a pair of noise-canceling earbuds, you can achieve the quiet of noise-canceling headphones with a much smaller gadget that fits neatly in your pocket and takes up virtually no precious space in your backpack. If you find yourself distracted by how loud your dorm is when you’re studying, use your noise-canceling earbuds to turn your surroundings into a space as quiet as the library.

3. A smartpen and smart notebook

With a smartpen and a smart notebook, you can take notes the same way you traditionally would using pen and paper, but your notes will be stored digitally for use on any device you want! You’ll save paper, which is good for both the environment and your wallet. Best of all, with a smart notebook, once you’ve saved and uploaded your notes, you can just erase everything and start again with brand new pages.

4. An e-reader

Textbooks are heavy and costly, but with an e-reader, you can often entirely avoid them. Many textbooks you’ll need for your classes are available in e-reader formats, so you can take them wherever you go without the weight of a textbook. E-reader formats are often cheaper than their printed counterparts too, so an e-reader can save you both financial and physical stress.

5. A pico projector

Let’s say you need to share your laptop screen with some other students for a group project or a study session. Some study rooms in your library or student center might have a few projectors on hand, but you might find that accessing these projectors is pretty competitive. With a pico projector (also known as a handheld projector), you can share your laptop screen or your phone or tablet screen with anyone, anywhere. Simply plug the projector into your device’s headphone jack and aim the projector at a blank wall. Many pico projectors are even small enough to fit in your pockets!

What are your go-to back to school gadgets? Share them in the comments!

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