Five Unforgettable Peach Month Recipes

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August is Peach Month, and what better time of year to celebrate one of the sweetest, healthiest fruits around? Peaches are among the many fruits in season during the hot months, so they can be a bit cheaper to buy right now and might taste even juicier and sharper than usual. 

Peaches are also super versatile for cooking and baking. With these five unforgettable Peach Month recipes, you can enjoy peaches in pastries, salads, meat dishes, and even salsas. 

Peach Cobbler, from Tastes Better from Scratch

Peach cobbler is a classic, and for good reason! When heated, the sugar in peaches dissolves, amplifying this already sweet fruit’s delights and helping to bring out its ample juices. Plus, cobbler is super easy to make, and it pairs perfectly with ice cream and whipped cream. With just some peaches, baking basics, and no shortage of cinnamon to top it all off, you’ll have a tart summer treat fresh from the oven in no time!

Spicy Peach and Avocado Salad, from Country Living

Just as with peaches, avocados are in season for the summer. Cut three peaches and two avocados into wedges (or four peaches and one avocado if you really love peaches). Whisk together some oils, juices, herbs, and a bit of honey in a bowl. Add the peaches to this bowl and let sit for 15 to 60 minutes (refrigerating this bowl might be a smart move). Add the avocados, some salt, pepper, nuts, and mint leaves for a salad as spicy as it is sweet.

One-Skillet Peach Glazed Chicken, from The Seasoned Mom

Tender, warm white meat covered in a peach glaze couldn’t sound more perfect. To prepare this scrumptious summer supper, cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs all the way through in a skillet. Remove the chicken, but reuse the skillet to combine chopped peaches with sugars, oils, and herbs that will help break the peach down into a sweet, syrupy glaze. Once your mix reaches glaze consistency, stir your chicken back in and serve hot!

Peach Salsa, from Dinner at the Zoo

The average salsa is tomato-based, but that shouldn’t stop fruit lovers from changing things up – any especially juicy fruit, including peaches, can serve as a salsa base. This recipe simply replaces tomatoes with peaches while keeping other standard ingredients such as red onion, jalapeño, lime, cilantro, and salt in the mix. Once you’ve combined diced peaches with these standard ingredients and refrigerated the mix for half an hour, you’ll have a versatile, sweet salsa suited for these scorching summer days.

Peach Pie Pancakes, from Amy’s Healthy Baking

Ever start your day with a fresh, juicy peach? With this recipe, you can turn your morning peach into an even bigger breakfast item. Combine diced peaches with baking staples to form your pancake batter, then gently add two tablespoons of batter per pancake to a hot skillet. Wait two to three minutes, or until bubbles appear, to flip your pancake, and then wait another minute or two before serving. When you cut into these, you’ll see cute little peach slices poking out!

What are some of your favorite peach recipes? Share them in the comments!

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