This Scientifically-Proven Product Erased My Stretch Marks

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I’ve been on the quest for perfect skin ever since my first pimple when I was 13 years old. Sun protection, moisturizer, and at-home face masks are all a part of my routine, not to mention allover body lotions that promise to firm skin and fade scars. With every serum I bought, I thought about how my efforts to ward off fine lines and wrinkles would pay off in the future.

I finally found a routine that worked and stuck to it for years. However, things started to change after I had my first child, right after I turned 36. Not only did the hormones wreak havoc on my skin (and the sleepness nights brought out my first few fine lines!), but I experienced stretch marks for the first time. The marks on my lower stomach and thighs made me feel super judged on beach trips and summer runs. I tried cocoa butter lotion and castor oil, both of which my mother swore by, but neither really did anything to fade the deep red “stripes” pregnancy left behind. I was devastated and desperate, ready to even consider laser surgery to make these stretch marks go away.

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I asked my friend Hannah, my equal when it comes to skincare, if she had any experience fighting stretch marks. It turned out that she found a product which helps her fade significantly, calming those red marks into a more neutral, skin-matching tone: Demaclara. These patches didn’t just cover up her stretch marks, but healed them. She explained that Dermaclara uses silicon fusion technology, which delivers medical-grade results right at home. She simply put on the patch, called Clarafuse, for an hour each day, and after a few months, her scars faded away. I headed to Dermaclara’s website to learn more.

As I browsed around, I was thrilled to discover that silicon fusion technology isn’t at all like the creams that stock my medicine cabinet. The word “fusion” comes from the fact that Clarafuse uses high-quality, medical-grade silicon that literally adheres to the skin. When this silicon adheres to scarred skin, it creates a healing microclimate between the silicon and the scar. This microclimate draws moisture from the inner skin to the outer skin and stimulates collagen production, and these two processes naturally plump and heal scars, reducing their appearance along the way. Best of all, the silicon fusion process was developed in clinical trials that scientifically prove its merits, a process Dermaclara dubbed “youth science.” Good-bye, gimmicks!

I also found out that Dermaclara is super easy to use. I just needed to apply my Clarafuse to my stretch marks for at least an hour — or overnight for the ultimate wow factor — to disguise my stretch marks. Since the silicon in Dermaclara’s products is super soft, flexible, and even discreet, I could hit the road wearing it under my clothes, and nobody would notice as I fought my stretch marks in real-time. And since I didn’t need to inject anything, I wouldn’t have to worry about all the discomfort and anxiety involved with invasive procedures. Plus, Dermaclara was certainly cheaper than going for Botox or taking chances on stretch mark creams that weren’t scientifically proven to work. 

I hit “add to cart” faster than you could say “stretch marks.” Worst case, if it didn’t work as promised, I could take advantage of Dermaclara’s 60-day money-back guarantee. When the patches arrived a few days later, I put them on my lower stomach and thighs as I made dinner. I kept it on overnight, and when I went to take it off for my morning shower, I’d almost forgotten it was there! It was just that comfy, and they peeled off pain-free.

After just my first week using my Clarafuse, I began to notice my stretch marks a good deal less. A single Clarafuse lasts 30 days, and after I’d gone 30 days with mine, I felt like I was looking at an entirely different stomach. I ordered another set of Clarafuse to continue the work on a job already well-done. After 60 days ticked by, my stretch mark’s iconic redness had all but dissipated. I’m trying out Dermaclara on my fine lines next, and I can’t wait to see the results.

Thanks to Dermaclara, I’ve regained full confidence in my skin. When I go running or hit the beach, I no longer feel self-conscious, and I didn’t need to pursue any invasive procedures to get there. If you’re looking to say goodbye to your stretch marks forever, you should try Dermaclara, too.

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