If You Think Chugging Water Cures Hangovers, You’re Wrong – Here’s Why

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Anytime I receive an invitation to a big holiday party or a friend’s wedding, I get super excited to catch up with my friends over a few drinks. In the past, that excitement was coupled with a little bit of dread, knowing that I would not feel at my best after two martinis and maybe a shot or two. For most of my life, I hadn’t felt anywhere close to 100% the day after even a moderate amount of drinks, even though I would always chug water before going to sleep. That trick may have worked in college, but it doesn’t seem to help me anymore, and I wake up feeling more dehydrated than I ever have before. And now there’s a lot more at stake than just sleeping through an early-morning class — I could get fired if I try to sleep off the brain fog and avoid the piercing fluorescent lights of my cubicle.

As I called a cab to get me home from the latest holiday party of the season, my coworker Lana made an offhand comment about how she knew she’d feel fine at the office the next day. How is that possible? We drank roughly the same amount. How was she so confident she wasn’t going to nurse a headache in the morning? I asked her how, and expressed, to my dismay, that my water-chugging trick no longer worked and even left me feeling like I drank no water at all between drinks. Lana reassured me that my college tricks weren’t for naught. She told me she also chugs water, but she adds Cheers Hydrate powder to her last glass of water before going to bed.

When I saw Lana the next morning, she was wide awake, sitting at her desk, ready to take on the day. I, on the other hand, rolled in wielding an extra-large coffee, two espresso shots, and hiding behind a pair of sunglasses. (I was on time, though!) After seeing Lana’s obvious difference, I knew I had to try Cheers Hydrate for myself. 

As it turns out, Cheers Hydrate isn’t just any old electrolyte mix. This powder’s formulation, backed by the World Health Organization’s clinical research, actually increases rehydration rates using sodium, glucose, and potassium. These maximize the amount of water that flows to the body’s cells, leading to medical-grade rehydration that can combat the effects of dehydration felt the next day after having one or two, or one or two too many.

I was intrigued at the prospect of Cheers Hydrate preventing my future brain fog, but I wasn’t yet fully convinced. What about headache, nausea, and the other things that left me not feeling 100% the next morning? As it turns out, dehydration isn’t actually the cause of those negative feelings. I learned that since alcohol is a diuretic, it does indeed cause dehydration, but people have mistakenly conflated this symptom with dehydration causing alcohol’s other symptoms. That’s why focusing on just dehydration – as in, chugging water – doesn’t cure all those morning-after symptoms.

That said, there’s a reason so many people have accidentally credited dehydration with causing alcohol’s negative side effects: dehydration makes all those other symptoms way worse. That’s why Cheers focuses on accelerating rehydration rates to avoid that miserable headache-nausea combo. The sodium, glucose, and potassium in Cheers Hydrate accelerate natural hydration mechanisms at rates that our bodies tend not to achieve on their own. That’s how Cheers Hydrate so deftly cuts away at headache, nausea, and other brain fog symptoms.

Once I’d come to understand the science behind Cheers Hydrate, I fully believed Lana’s success stories, so I ordered a 12-dose jar to try after my next night out. It was a low-risk buy, too – if I was dissatisfied, I could return it within 15 days and receive a full refund. My Cheers order arrived right on time, just a few days ahead of a weekend on the town to celebrate my friend Janelle’s birthday.

Before I headed out on Friday night, I left a glass of water and my Hydrate jar at my bedside. Once I got home, I added a scoop of Hydrate to my usual pre-sleep glass of water and dozed off. Frankly, I was surprised to not experience my normal headache when I woke up. The second Hydrate glass I drank upon waking up (as Cheers suggests) kept that headache at bay into Janelle’s Saturday birthday events with no challenges. After rinsing and repeating Saturday night and Sunday morning, I almost couldn’t believe I’d gone out that weekend at all. I hadn’t felt that good after drinking in years.

I’ve since used Cheers for events including dinner and drinks with big clients, fancy dates with my boyfriend, and so many more unforgettable nights. The next time I’m getting excited about a big holiday, I’ll have nothing to worry about thanks to Cheers Hydrate. Cheers to that!

If chugging water has yet to ensure that you feel 100% the morning after even modest drinking, Cheers is running a special promotion for first-time Hydrate buyers! Head to Cheers’ website to enjoy 20% off your first Hydrate jar. I only have good things to say about my purchase, and I bet you’ll feel the same.

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