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I love going about my day with an alluring scent, but choosing a perfume from the seemingly countless department store fragrance options totally overwhelms me. I hate walking past the perfume counter just to be offered tons of samples by an aggressive salesperson — not to mention the cloud of jumbled scents that makes it so hard to truly differentiate one from the other. All I want to do is try on scents in peace!

Thankfully, Skylar’s online Scent Club has solved these problems perfectly.

Skylar Allergy Friendly Perfumes

I first heard about Skylar through my co-worker Dana, who told me that the Scent Club gives her affordable access to new, limited-edition, beautiful Skylar scents she can’t find elsewhere. Dana said that she finds the $20 per month membership fee super reasonable, especially since she can return any fragrances she doesn’t like or swap them for other scents (though she quickly added that she’s never had this issue). Skylar’s perfumes are all hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free, a big improvement from my current brand that occasionally triggered sneezing fits in a co-worker. Best of all, she never has to go anywhere for her perfumes – Skylar delivers them right to her doorstep.

The idea of trying out perfumes in the comfort in my own home pretty much sealed the deal, and when Dana mentioned that the first month of a Scent Club membership is just $10, I was fully convinced. A low-risk department store alternative with scents Dana said were out of this world – count me in!

A few days after I signed up, my Skylar Meadow perfume arrived at my house, and it was everything I wanted: a light but inviting, orange-dashed scent that I knew would be my new go-to. The next month, I got the Coral scent, which gave me gorgeous apple and grapefruit tones that transported me right to a sunny field of tall, gleaming fruit trees. I quickly realized that Skylar’s scents are way more evocative than the nice but uninteresting mass-market perfumes most other women wear. I felt like Dana and I were in on a perfume secret that made us truly stand out from the crowd.

Skylar Scents

I’ve been a Skylar Scent Club member for five months now, and I’ve loved every perfume I’ve been sent. Not only do I feel more confident than ever in my scent choices, but I haven’t stepped foot in a department store perfume counter in ages, and Skylar’s prices are way better for my bank account, too. The Scent Club has allowed me to unlock my full perfume potential – and not once have I had to leave home to get there.

If you also want to try the most unique, enticing perfumes around without leaving your house, then use the code MY50 to pay just $10 for your first month in the Scent Club! Limited-edition loveliness is just a click away.

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