Leggings That Are Tough Enough For Real Workouts AND Cute Enough For Brunch

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As a total gym girl, I couldn’t be more grateful for athleisure. I love how staying comfortable in cute tanks, stretchy leggings, and cool sneakers is actually fashionable. I can walk straight out of the gym (goodbye, locker room!) without thinking about looking like I just came from the gym. And when it comes to leggings that keep me cool, minimize sweat, and make me look fantastic at an even more fantastic price, there’s no better brand than Fabletics.

My friend Gina introduced me to the Fabletics VIP club, which lets customers buy these incredible, Instagram-worthy leggings, sports bras, and tops at super-discounted prices. As a VIP Fabletics member, Gina has brand-new looks delivered to her door every single month. Everything she buys comes with a 30-day guarantee, so if she doesn’t end up loving something, she could return or exchange it worry-free. Plus, if she doesn’t want anything new in a certain month, she could simply skip or cancel anytime with no penalties.

With an amazing 2 for $24 leggings promotion, I figured there was no reason not to give this subscription service a shot. I chose the PowerHold and Mila leggings – in black, of course – as my first foray into the world of Fabletics, and I’m glad I did. The PowerHold is Fabletics’ best seller, and for good reason — the moment I put on these leggings, I noticed how good my legs and butt looked. The phone-sized secure pocket on the Mila was a game-changer on the treadmill, too. Both pairs kept me cool, comfy, and dry during even my most intense workouts.

Wearing them out was even better! I toss on the PowerHold when I want to stay cute and comfy on days where I just can’t put on jeans. I get compliments left and right — I don’t look like I just walked out of the gym at all. Paired with my favorite jacket and an adorable pair of sneakers, I fit right in no matter where I end up going or what I end up doing that day.

If you’re also looking for the best athleisure leggings around, you can buy two Fabletics leggings for just $24! Snag this limited-time offer to get the comfiest, dryest, sleekest leggings around at a price that’ll make paying for brunch that much easier.

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