5 Reasons Why Molecule Supports Cleaner and Healthier Sleep

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If you’ve kept up with the news lately, maybe your worries have kept you up at night. Losing sleep over stress can feel inevitable, but it can also lead to more stress – studies have connected less sleep with getting sick easier. If you struggle to get high-quality sleep, you might be wondering what changes you can make to achieve cleaner and healthier sleep.

With Molecule’s Molecule 2 Mattress with Microban and Tencel sheets, you can achieve the clean, healthy sleep you’re seeking. Here’s five reasons why the Molecule 2 Mattress with Microban and Tencel sheets are ideal for creating a relaxing sleep environment – even when stress feels inescapable – that supports your optimal health each night.

1. Molecule helps you regulate body temperature

Lower body temperature is key for good-quality sleep. As you prepare to fall asleep, your body temperature naturally drops, meaning that you’ll fall asleep faster and easier when you feel cool and comfortable. In fact, studies suggest that your room temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees when heading to sleep.

Molecule’s products help your body maintain its ideal sleep temperature for sleeping throughout the night. The Molecule 2 Mattress with Microban boasts five times as much airflow as traditional memory foam, and this feature maximizes temperature regulation. Even when your body compresses the foam, airflow doesn’t decrease.

Molecule’s Tencel sheets amplify the temperature-regulating effects of the Molecule 2 Mattress. Tencel is hydrophilic, meaning that it whisks away sweat from your body, and it’s twice as air-permeable as traditional bed linen cotton. With Molecule’s Tencel sheets, you’ll achieve sleep that’s not just way dryer and cooler, but cleaner too: The lack of moisture prevents microbial growth, keeping your bedsheets feeling fresh.

2. Healthy spine alignment and support

The Molecule 2 Mattress with Microban includes a bottom layer of ContourFlo material that helps to maintain proper spine alignment during sleep, in turn leading to less time tossing and turning and fewer morning aches. The RecoveryFlo material above the ContourFlo base includes a center region of large, precision-contoured, three-dimensional hexagons that add even more support and relieve additional pressure in your lumbar region. Paired with Molecule’s Tencel sheets, the Molecule 2 Mattress with Microban keeps your body healthy while the sheets assist the mattress in keeping your bed clean.

3. Upper body and lower body support

The RecoveryFlo foam mattress layer supports your upper and lower body for better sleep. Near your head, legs, and feet, the RecoveryFlo layer’s hexagon density varies to support your full body weight, so you can truly relax while feeling fully supported. This variation in hexagon density never comes at the expense of the antimicrobial materials and properties in the mattress’s upper layers, so as your body is supported, the safety and cleanliness of your bed will be, too.

4. Minimizes the presence of microbes

Molecule’s Microban products have AEGIS Microbe Shield® technology to suppress microbial growth in your bed. The technologies in this mattress generate a positive electrical charge that attracts and kills bacteria. The Molecule 2 Mattress also contains Molecule’s MolecularFlo extreme open-cell foam to maximize airflow, in turn drastically reducing bed and linen cross-contamination.

5. Risk-free trial on all Molecule products

Molecule knows that high-quality mattresses and bed linens can be big investments. That’s why you can try these clean, healthy sleep products before with peace of mind. 

When you purchase the Molecule 2 Mattress or Tencel sheets, you can try them entirely risk-free before committing long term to your purchase. If you’re not satisfied after 100 nights with the mattress or after 30 nights with the sheets, you can return your purchases for free. If you keep them, you’ll get Molecule’s unparalleled infinity warranty. Plus, you won’t pay for Molecule to ship your purchases to your house. Best of all, all deliveries are no-contact, because if Molecule is focused on one thing, it’s clean, healthy practices.

If you’re eager to achieve clean, healthy sleep using scientifically-backed products, buy the Molecule 2 Mattress with Microban and Tencel sheets now to save 20% off your order! Just use the discount code CLEAN20 at checkout to get the safe, sound sleep you need to stay in top shape.

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