Seven Reasons Why Vuori Is Your New Favorite Workout to Work (and Workout Again) Brand

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Athleisure is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean all athleisure is good. My husband Tim and I, as gym lovers who go often straight from workouts to work (or vice versa on the busier days), have tried so many athleisure brands only for the fit, support, and function to decline long-term. The sole exception is Vuori.

Vuori has been our only trusted athleisure brand since we first discovered it on Instagram. It has none of the problems we found with other athleisure brands, and it actually improves on what we really liked about the brands we used to wear. Plus, we even chill around the house in our Vuori athleisure after work! 

Here are the main seven reasons we’re a Vuori couple:

1. Unsurpassed quality

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Vuori’s quality is unmatched. Tim and I found ourselves wearing out other brands’ athleisure pretty quickly, but Vuori continues to accompany us from the gym to regular life while keeping us fully comfy and appropriately dressed (and supported) for all occasions.

Vuori’s four-way stretch never wears out, and its fabrics at once keep us covered and allow plenty of airflow. Their polyester-elastane fabrics are super soft and feel great whether Tim and I are jogging to the gym, powering through chest presses, or cooling down at the smoothie bar. And the fabric keeps working for us once we leave too.

2. Moisture-wicking and anti-odor

Look, I get it: To some people, the idea of Tim and I going straight from the gym to run errands or stop by the office without changing clothes seems straight-up gross. It’s 100% not an issue with Vuori thanks to its moisture-wicking, anti-odor fabric. We never look or smell sweaty, and we certainly never feel it. 

3. It doesn’t look or feel like workout gear

Not only do Tim and I run errands after the gym dry and odor-free, but nobody we run into thinks we’re wearing workout clothes. That’s because Vuori lets us blend in wherever we go: a quick stop at the bank, picking up groceries, or swinging by our ultra-casual workspaces. Especially when Tim and I tuck in our drawstrings, people tell us they like our pants – it’s the opposite of wearing sweatpants to work. (But we know the truth!)

Vuori also doesn’t feel like workout gear. That unbeatable Vuori softness is far from that too-tight, gym-only fit. Case in point: my charcoal Performance Joggers, which transition easily from the gym to super casual Friday. Tim says the same about his black Ponto Performance Pants, because Vuori feels perfect for every occasion.

Vuori joggers

4. The fit is unmatched

Vuori’s versatility comes from its unmatched fit. Their pants have that full athleisure stretch while not hanging loose like sweatpants or baggy tees. Tim says his Meta Pants are the absolute best for switching from movement to a day at his desk (they even have a button/fly combo!), and I’d say the same about my Performance Joggers.

Of course, it’s not just the pants. Even on the most grueling workdays, I never feel an urge to swap out my soft pink Lux Performance Tee for something comfier. Plus, again, nobody knows the Lux is athleisure – it just looks like a cute tee I can wear on a casual Friday.

5. Product guarantee

Although I love the Performance Joggers, I couldn’t try them on before buying them since I shop Vuori online. However, Vuori’s product guarantee makes buying super low-risk. You can return anything you don’t like for free and get a full refund! That definitely helped me convince Tim to buy his Pontos because, although he saw how much I loved my joggers, spending money is always risky – unless you choose Vuori.

6. Environmentally sustainable 

Another big convincing factor for us: Vuori cares about the environment and shows it. Vuori offsets its entire carbon footprint, and by 2022, the company will switch to using 80% sustainable materials in its clothes. It’ll also cut 80% of plastics by then. With a combo of top-notch quality, minimal sweat and odor, fashion and fit unlike workout gear, a product guarantee, and these environment-first practices, how could I say no to Vuori?

7. First-time shoppers get 20% off

Another reason I got on the Vuori train: First-time shoppers get 20% off. That doesn’t mean just me – it means you too. Go to Vuori’s website now for your discount, then buy your favorite new athleisure with a product guarantee and free shipping on orders over $75. Your workouts – and workdays – will never be the same.

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