JustFab Makes Shopping Wide Calf Boots Fun, Affordable, And Easy. Here’s How

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Good boots take a flannel and jeans outfit from farmer chic to fall fab – well, unless you can’t comfortably step into them. As a wide-calf gal, I’ve tried on so many boots only to have them not close over my big calves. They bunch up and look awkward — nowhere near the sleek and smooth look I want. Not that this stops my hunt for eye-catching boots that fit like a, well, glove. The thing is, wide-calf boots can be really expensive. So recently, when I finally found stunning wide-calf boots at an unbelievable price, I was elated.

My discovery came thanks to JustFab. I stumbled upon their Hally Buckle Boot while searching online and loved the vegan leather I saw, but even better was the 18.5-inch wide calf circumference for a size 8 (exactly my size) alongside the $10 price tag. As a wide-calf girl, let me tell you – this was miraculous! Some of the best boots I’ve seen clock in at a puny 13.5-inch calf circumference, which simply won’t work for my 16” calves (and I’m far from alone — 20 percent of women have wide calves). Between the unbeatable price, the striking look, and a calf so wide I almost second-guessed it, I just had to try on the Hallys.

Needless to say, I couldn’t be happier I did. The Hallys are comfy at every single part of the boot, calf included. I forwarded the link to wide-calved friends and even my pregnant sister, who’s struggling to find boots in her third trimester.

After my great experience with the Hallys, I joined JustFab’s VIP membership for even better deals on other wide-calf boots. Now that I’d found a source for affordable, fashionable wide-calf boots, I absolutely needed to round out my collection, and the VIP membership made getting the 17.5-inch Mahira Quilted Riding Boot and the 18.5-inch Dana Hidden Wedge Scrunch Boot (both in black) even easier.

With the VIP membership, I’d pay $39.99 per month for first access to the best-fitting, best-looking wide-calf boots around, and that membership fee would go toward all my boot purchases. Since I could skip or cancel my membership anytime penalty-free, I signed up to get the Mahiras and Danas for even better prices, and both these boots lived up to the Hallys’ high bar. I looked uniquely model-chic wearing the Danas at the nail salon, and in the Mahiras, my feet stayed snug and warm on an especially brutal winter night. And that’s all without any ugly calf scrunching and uncomfortable bunching.

My wide-calf boot wardrobe continues to expand through my JustFab membership. Now, whenever I want to match my flannel-tee-jeans get-up with a gorgeous boot that feels heavenly, I can do exactly that, and I’ve barely had to spend money to get there. All my JustFab boots look great with a dress and shawl too! With Just-Fab, I’m wide-calf, high-comfort, and high-fashion – and proud of it all.

If you too need wide-calf boots that steal the show without draining your bank account, join JustFab’s VIP membership now to get your first pair of boots starting at $10! Say goodbye to bad fits and hello to boots that feel as delightful as they look.

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