EveryPlate Is Breaking The Internet With Their $1.99 Black Friday Deal

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Many of our readers have become big fans of the budget friendly meal kit, EveryPlate we wrote about last fall.

The team at Every Plate has reached out to update us that for Black Friday, they’re offering their highly rated meal kit delivery service for only $1.99 per meal!

Why We Love EveryPlate:

It saves so much time

For the three days a week that my family receives EveryPlate meals, that’s an hour and a half saved over the stove. Whipping together an EveryPlate meal takes around half an hour, so I no longer spend valuable time figuring out what to eat and what’s needed to make it. That frees up a ton of time to unwind from a tough day or help my daughter with a tricky math problem. Plus, the whole family gets to the dinner table that much faster because the recipes are super clear to follow.

We cook as a family

EveryPlate makes it easy for the kids to participate in dinner prep. They happily unpack the box that arrives fresh, on ice, at the door. The kids walk their parents through the six-step recipes, sort out the pre-measured ingredients, and even sometimes help clean up once everyone’s eaten their delicious dinners. The kids love this time in the kitchen, and as parents, we love that we can spend even more time as a family while teaching our kids the importance of preparing and eating nutritious meals.

The meal options are picky-eater-proof

One of our kids will eat anything. The other, though? If it’s not pasta, good luck getting him to try it. EveryPlate’s friendly, accessible options don’t cause a dinnertime meltdown, to our relief! My son quickly gravitated to the EveryPlate Linguine with Chicken Sausage Meatballs, a fresh new take on our family’s beloved spaghetti and meatballs. He even ate the zucchini ribbons in the dish!

We get the bang for our buck

Before EveryPlate, I assumed that eating healthy all the time was expensive. I mean, have you seen how much fresh meat and produce costs? On the “Dinner For 4” plan, however, our meals cost just over $3 per person. That’s because EveryPlate only includes exactly what we need, so no ingredients (or money!) go to waste. It’s cheaper (and quicker) than buying a bunch of groceries that may spoil before we ever touch them.

It’s super flexible

My favorite part of EveryPlate is that I’m not chained to a plan when I sign up. I have the freedom to pause meals and switch recipes whenever I want. That means if I get around to making that recipe I saw on Facebook last week, all I do is sign in to my account and pause delivery. My family can resume EveryPlate meals at any time. And the same goes for the meals selected in our plan — if our family ever wants to upgrade a meal to a premium Spanish-style steak or swap out a meal for a different option, all we need to do is let EveryPlate know.

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