Why Nugenix Is The Most Effective Way To Beat That 40s Slowdown

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For years, I never took birthdays too seriously: What’s another year on the calendar? That was until I turned 42, and I started to notice that I simply don’t have the energy I once took for granted. It got more difficult to do the things I did every day, from getting groceries to playing basketball with my neighbor in his driveway. 

I tried a handful of men’s fitness formulas to revive my old self, but nothing changed.  It was time to try something different to get better results, and that’s why I made the switch to Nugenix. 

I’d previously heard about Nugenix’s powerful results, but I’d always hesitated to try it since other options were more affordable. It turned out I was getting what I paid for: I now know that Nugenix is the only good choice for tapping back into that strength I used to have. Here’s why Nugenix is how I beat my 40s slowdown.

1. Nugenix boosts free testosterone

The secret sauce in Nugenix is actually not much of a secret. Nugenix’s patented ingredient Testofen® increases free testosterone in your body, which helps build the muscle you need to keep up your energy. I would know: Within a month of trying Nugenix, I felt less exhausted at the end of each day.

2. Nugenix is pro-certified

Nugenix has the pros on its side. I don’t mean just the doctors who developed its nutrient profile – I mean huge, motivational athletes like Frank Thomas, the legendary major league first baseman. Seeing an endorsement from someone as strong as The Big Hurt himself – someone who hasn’t gotten weaker with age – helped to convince me that I too could support my younger, more powerful self!

3. Nugenix wins awards

In 2017, Nugenix won GNC’s 2017 Product of the Year award.  If GNC can get behind Nugenix, so can guys like me. And that’s not the only big title Nugenix can claim: its ElevATP® ingredient was named the “Sports Nutrition Ingredient of 2018.” Nugenix keeps taking home the gold, and now, so can I!

Bottle of Nugenix

4. Nugenix customers are thrilled

I’m not the only Nugenix enthusiast out there. A big part of why I ordered Nugenix is that plenty of 40-somethings (and even guys older than that) speak wondersabout it. I’ve read so many online reviews saying that, with Nugenix, you’re back to fulfilling and productive days after just two weeks. That proved to be my experience too – I’ve never had such an easy time tackling the tasks I need to accomplish to keep my family happy.

5. I feel stronger when I work out

Before Nugenix, I felt absolutely exhausted after playing basketball, lifting weights, and even walking on the treadmill. Thanks to Nugenix, I feel my strength coming back: I can hit the court — and the cardio equipment — with a renewed vigor I haven’t experienced since my 20s!  

man with weights at gym

6. Nugenix works on and off the clock

I signed up for Nugenix to capture the energy I had when I was younger, but it wound up helping me in the most unexpected areas of my life. Sure, my family noticed that I’m more energetic nowadays, but at my office, I’m no longer battling midday slumps. I shouldn’t have been surprised about these unexpected benefits – I began gradually experiencing all these obstacles years ago, but never really caught on or knew what to do about it. Now I have the answer — Nugenix has reawakened my mind, too!

7. You can try it, too

Nugenix is plenty exciting as is, but I can’t pretend the brand’s 14-day trial didn’t initially pique my interest. After my two-week trial ended, I could already tell how much better my workouts were getting. You can get your Nugenix sample, too – just visit Nugenix’s website to start your 14-day trial ASAP and reawaken your strongest self for the first time in years!

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