Three Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and whether you’re celebrating alone or with a small group, you may want to spruce up your home decor to get into the fall spirit. Even if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving through virtual calls instead of in-person gatherings, you can still feel festive and make your calls fun when you’re surrounded by fall decor. Here are three ways to decorate for Thanksgiving.

Rely on the Thanksgiving classics

Decorate with a centerpiece by setting a beautiful cornucopia on your dinner table. A cornucopia is a symbol of abundance and the epitome of Thanksgiving decor. You can personalize and style your cornucopia by stuffing it with leaves, wheat, pumpkins, gourds, and fruit like cranberries and figs. You can also make a cornucopia into a wall or door wreath.

Additionally, try adorning a counter, console, or mantle with pumpkins, squashes, and gourds. Before doing so, add decorative plates and cake stands of varying heights and styles for an aesthetically pleasing backsplash. Then, place gourds, acorn squashes, and pumpkins of various sizes and colors on top of the cake stands. You can also place food on the cake stands if you want your fall decor to be more functional. After Thanksgiving ends, you can reuse your cake stands for other dinners or as a prop stand for winter holiday decorations.

Decorate your outdoor areas

Many people use wreaths for Christmas, but wreaths also make a great outdoor Thanksgiving decoration. Make a DIY wreath from decorative pine cones, leaves, acorn squash, flowers, small apples, wheat, and eucalyptus stems. Additionally, if your home has balcony or patio space, beautify a chair or two with a pop of warm, autumnal colors on knit pillows, seat covers, and a burlap throw blanket.

If it’s warm outside for your Thanksgiving, you can have a small gathering on your newly decorated balcony or patio. Soft, frosted string lights will set the mood while you enjoy your outdoor feast. Decorate your outdoor table with gourds and pumpkins, and add an outdoor vase centerpiece full of decorative eucalyptus stems, holly berry branches, crab apple branches, wheat, and red or orange flowers.

Embrace the falling leaves

An easy way to enhance your home’s Thanksgiving decor is using faux leaves, decorative flowers, and wooden rustic elements all but built for the fall. Add faux leaves and flowers in autumnal tones on a console, mantle, and your dining room table. 

Alternatively, you can create a DIY pumpkin decoration out of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood slabs can also be used as decorative plates for decor. This rustic decor can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Gathering actual leaves, rather than fake ones, is the best way to decorate your home for free. Gather some branches with some colorful leaves intact and arrange them in a glass vase. Additionally, to create an inexpensive runner, you can gather oak leaves and nuts down the center of your table. With these tips, your autumnal-decorated home will be the perfect backdrop for your Thanksgiving dinner. 

How do you decorate your home for Thanksgiving? Sound off in the comments!

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