My Body and Lifestyle Are Unique – That’s Why I Need These Personalized 3D Printed Gummy Vitamins

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While the idea of supplements and daily vitamins excites me – I’m a certified health nut – swallowing a bunch of dry, chalky pills never does. Recently, I’d been getting so tired of gulping down several big pills every morning that I was thinking of just going for giant multivitamins, but that’s not recommended for women my age, since they’re not formulated for my needs. I really wanted to get all my nutrients without struggling to get pills down even with a glass of water.

That’s why I’m a Nourished subscriber now. I first stumbled upon the brand while I was on a madcap internet hunt for alternatives to pills, and I saw on Feefo that pretty much everyone who uses Nourished loves it. I was excited and surprised to see a brand getting so much love, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out why. Nourished is the only 100% customisable, once-a-day vitamin gummy in the world – whatever nutrients I needed, the brand would deliver them to me without anything resembling massive pills.

While a gummy may sound like candy at first, Nourished actually has no sugar whatsoever. They’re uniquely formulated to be 99.5% more effective than regular vitamin pills, with high quality ingredients which absorb up to 70% more into your system than the typical vitamin. With no animal products — I’m a vegan, so I was thrilled to see Nourished didn’t use gelatin in their gummies like other brands — Nourished already sounded like the perfect fit.

I wouldn’t be building my vitamin profile from scratch either. Nourished gave me a quiz about my lifestyle (sleep, exercise, all that good stuff) and then used my answers to suggest which seven vitamins, superfoods, and nutrients would be best for me. As a 30-year-old woman focused on fitness, I got selenium, mango powder, silica, ginger extract, lycopene, cordyceps, and white kidney bean extract in my Nourished stack

Although I was surprised by these results at first, Nourished deftly explained why each nutrient would be right for me. With each one, Nourished listed a few facts about why it would help with my endurance, workout recovery, brain & mind, and bone health needs – an excellent combo for a health and fitness nut like me. Forget trying to mix and match big pills with vague health descriptions at the vitamin store – Nourished would give me one tiny, fresh-made, 3-D printed (!) chewable that checked all the boxes. I quickly signed up as a monthly subscriber (cancelling or pausing would be free) and awaited my first delivery.

I started taking my Nourished gummies the morning after my box arrived. I was immediately thrilled that no pills were involved, and I actually liked the taste. And after finishing my first 28-day Nourished regimen, I noticed that I was feeling different, if not better than I was before. I had an easier time hitting my workout goals and I noticed I stayed more focused at work.

With Nourished, I’ve forgone bulky, chalky pills for a lifetime of easy, personalised health. If you’re looking for the only customisable, 100% personalised daily supplement that’s convenient and tastes good, then sign up for Nourished now to take 50% off your first box! Enter the code NEWYEAR50 at checkout to get exactly the nourishment you want and need.

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