Three Christmas Decor Ideas To Enjoy Holiday Cheer Now

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Every year as Christmas nears, you may wonder how exactly to decorate your home – it’s something you’ve likely done every holiday season, so maybe you feel that it’s starting to get repetitive. Lucky for you, there are plenty of creative ways to decorate your home for Christmas that you can start on now. Here are three Christmas decor ideas to enjoy that classic Christmas cheer weeks in advance.

1. String lights

While string lights are great year-round decor additions, they’re especially apt for bringing out the Christmas spirit and brightening up home! To beautify your outdoor areas, wrap a garland with string lights around your front door’s frame. To add a dazzling icicle effect, wrap icicle string lights under your porch’s trim. Other popular outdoor string light uses include wrapping string lights around nearby trees, branches, and shrubs. If you don’t have plants nearby, you can wrap string lights around your patio or balcony’s banister.

All that said, it may be easier to decorate with string lights indoors because, there, you likely have more access to outlets. For example, an easy and creative indoor DIY project to decorate your mantle is to create a glittery canvas with string lights illuminating through the canvas. Place your string lights in jars and vases filled with pine cones, ornaments, and greenery to create a gorgeous Christmas display you can put on your console, tabletops, or mantle. And just as with outdoors, string-light-wrapped garlands will always make your home look holiday-ready, especially draped around your staircases.

2. Wreaths

You can deck out your porch and living room with many kinds of wreaths. Not only do wreaths have extensive symbolic value – they can represent the renewal of life and the cycle of seasons – but they’re also a classic holiday decoration. 

If you want to stick to a classic wreath, hang a simple evergreen wreath on your front door. Alternatively, go a step further and use wreaths that have pinecones, colorful decorative berries, holly leaves, or eucalyptus. Or go even further and combine your wreaths with your string lights, which can wrap around wreaths. To truly go outside the box, decorate your front door or walls with copper planters full of evergreen wreaths.

3. Christmas trees

This Christmas staple can sometimes raise questions. Some people debate whether they should get a real or artificial tree, as an artificial tree may seem more eco-friendly. In reality, getting a real tree is actually better for the environment. Nearly 90 percent of fake trees are shipped across the world from China, and their shipping process emits more carbon and consumes more resources than natural Christmas trees’ supply chain. Additionally, most artificial trees are not recyclable, so they end up in local landfills after use, whereas real trees can be recycled in eco-friendly ways – and buying a real tree will help keep local tree farms in business.

Whether you go real or fake, you can customize your Christmas tree with garlands, pinecones, decorative ornaments, and photographs of your family and friends. Some people also like to put beads and velvet bows on their tree, and others may go beyond the classic red-green Christmas color scheme and try other festive combinations such as white and green or navy and gold. For your tree’s finishing touch, place a bold topper at the tree’s peak.

If your home is smaller or your ceilings are shorter, a smaller tree may be better for your home. Likewise, if you have tall ceilings and more storage space, a large tree may be right up your alley.

How do you decorate your home for Christmas? Sound off in the comments!

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