Here’s Why I Ditched Chalky Menopause Pills For Tasty Vitamin Gummies

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Editors Note: Sign up now for Menopure and use code PH30 to take 30% off your first 3 months.

Menopause came crashing into my life a few months after I turned 50. Between the hot flashes, mood changes, and loss of bone density, a lot of health changes were hurled my way. I started taking supplements to help stabilize my mood and help me get the nutrition I needed for bone health, but it was not easy: buying so many supplements added up quickly, and swallowing chalky pills was uncomfortable. Was there an affordable all-in-one menopause supplement I could take instead?

It turns out there is – it’s called Menopure, by the gummy vitamin brand Nourished. The vegan, all-natural vitamin stacks contain seven vitamins, minerals and superfoods that are correlated with stress reduction, mood regulation, and healthier bones. I’ve found that the herbal ashwagandha adaptogen in Menopure does indeed help keep the mood swings and stress hormones at bay (what a blessing!), while resveratrol supports cardiovascular health. 

It’s not just my mental health that improved with the right supplement support — my physical health got a boost as well. The Vitamin D3 in Menopure is a special formula from algae, and the brand couples D3 with a stabilized version of Vitamin K2 called K2 Vital Delta. This dynamic duo supports improved absorption of D3, an essential nutrient for healthy bones.

Menopure has helped me handle some of the unpleasant, inflammation-driven changes brought on by menopause. Menopure includes HydroCurc™, which is a form of curcumin the body can better absorb, alongside ginseng and black pepper extract. These three ingredients are powerful inflammation-fighting herbs. Menopure also includes Vitamin B12 that can support healthy sleep, which I desperately needed after hot flushes interrupted my typical eight hours’ rest.

I love that Menopure is chewable. That’s right – no more washing down gross pills that don’t sit quite right and taste strange to boot. And since Menopure has a 99.5% higher nutrient density than traditional pills, I’m not sacrificing quality for this ease. Instead, each ingredient is carefully sourced and checked for quality, just like every Nourished formula.

I noticed the Menopure difference after just one 28-day supply, and you too can give it a try. Sign up now for Menopure and use code PH30 to take 30% off your first 3 months – relief from “The Change’s” unwanted side effects is a quick shipment away!

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