Why I Ditched My Old Clunky Jacket For Ultra-Thin NASA-Tech Jackets

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Calling winter in the Midwest cold is an understatement. I’m used to below-zero temperatures, but thick and chunky parkas leave much to be desired. Sure, they’re warm, but they’re hard to travel in and impossible to pack. 

Even though I’ve spent all my life here in Milwaukee, I’ve never quite found a winter jacket that keeps me entirely warm unless I’m speedwalking outdoors. After last year’s especially brutal winter, I began wondering, would I ever find a jacket fit for this blistering cold?

Well, I finally did – it’s the OROS Echo for me (and the OROS Astra for my wife Laura). OROS ditches down filling (and puffiness) for super-insulating and incredibly thin aerogel – a material so warm that NASA uses in space suits, shuttles, and the Mars Rover as insulation. OROS is unbeatably warm because its signature Solarcore aerogel can withstand temperatures as low as -455°F  — yes, that low! Even with all that insulation, the Echo is super breathable and has plenty of four-way stretch. Goodbye, Michelin Man look!

Oros Astra

If anything, you might not initially think of the Echo as a winter jacket. It looks like a mid-spring bomber jacket – an aesthetic I love – but it has just as much Solarcore as OROS’ legendary Orion Parka at an even more affordable price. When I discovered the Echo, I was looking for a sleek winter jacket that I’d keep for more than just a few years, and now that I’ve been wearing my Echo for a while, I can 100% say that it – finally! – offers a lifetime of warmth.

Laura says the same about her Astra pullover, which makes her look as gorgeous as ever while keeping her entirely warm. She looks like she’s fresh from the gym in striking athleisure, but instead of sweaty and gross, she’s stepping out in high-tech, fashion-forward winterwear.

If you ask us, the Solarcore in OROS’ Echo and Astra isn’t just the future of winter warmth – it’s the best thing around right this moment. So if you too are seeking the warmest, thinnest, most fashionable winter jacket around shop now because Oros is offering up to 60% off site wide! You won’t just be warm and fashionable – you’ll be fully NASA-ready for even the harshest cold.

Editors Note: Oros has let PeopleHype know that many of their most popular styles and sizes are selling out. PeopleHype cannot guarantee availability of this limited time offer.

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