I Struggled To Find Healthy Food For My Baby and Toddler. Serenity Kids Changed That.

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As a parent of two young kids, I’m constantly frustrated with supermarket baby food. It just doesn’t have the nutritional value that my ten-month-old Jamie and two-year-old Maddie need for proper neurological, immune, and hormonal development and regulation. I’ve tried cooking nutritious meals from scratch instead, but Jamie and Maddie are super picky (typical kids!), so cooking can mean wasting food, time, and money. That’s why I really needed healthy baby food the kids would actually like.

Serenity Kids solved my problem. Serenity Kids’ squeeze pouches – which mean convenient on-the-go healthy options – are filled with meat and veggie purees that Jamie and Maddie love. I was especially stoked to learn that Serenity Kids has meat pouches. The USDA recommends meat for babies (babies indeed have enough stomach enzymes to digest meat) — something that gets overlooked among all the applesauce and pureed banana. 

Serenity Kids doesn’t stop at baby-appropriate nutritional choices. Its ingredients are all high-quality, entirely organic vegetables and grass-fed, pasture-raised meats free of antibiotics, hormones, and GMO feed. Its foods don’t need additives, preservatives, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, or other processed ingredients to stay shelf-stable because of their specialized cooking process. Similarly, Serenity Kids never uses low-nutrition fillers or allergens.

Serenity Kids is also one of the only pouched baby foods that has received the Clean Label Project Purity Award, meaning all its foods are tested at an accredited lab for over 200 heavy metals and toxins.

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These conscious ingredient choices stem directly from the brand’s backstory. Co-founder Serenity Carr grew up eating dairy, sugar, and grains like most kids and faced all kinds of medical issues until she ditched these foods in adulthood. Her husband and Serenity Kids co-founder Joe is autistic and had a similar experience with food, yet when the two tried to find nutrient-dense baby foods while family planning, they still came up blank! That’s why they started Serenity Kids – healthy fats, well-sourced meats, and savory vegetables are the name of their game. 

The Carrs say that their baby, Della, loves what they feed her, so I bought the Serenity Kids Meat & Veggies Variety Pack for Jamie and Maddie to try. It was an instant hit! Maddie has gone from hating broccoli to enjoying the healthy veggies in her Sweet Potato & Spinach pouches, and Jamie has developed an early taste for bison – yum! 

My girls love how Serenity Kids tastes, and I love Serenity Kids’ convenience and nutrients. The grab and go pouches fit perfectly in my diaper bag and don’t need to be refrigerated. Cooking for two picky eaters? No longer a concern. Spending money on ingredients that ultimately get tossed? That’s in the past. With Serenity Kids, Jamie and Maddie are eating healthy food they absolutely love, and I’m having an even easier time caring for and looking after my two little gems.

If you too want convenient, healthy baby food, it’s never too late to try Serenity Kids. Now might actually be the best time to try it – Serenity Kids is offering a limited-time 15% discount to parents who click here! Act now for high-quality, nutrient-dense baby food that benefits the whole family.

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