2020 Kept Me Up All Night. Here’s How I’m Sleeping Well In 2021

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Editor’s Note: Proper is offering our readers a 10% discount plus a free personalized sleep coach session (a $65 value) and free shipping!

I think we can all agree that 2020 was overwhelming to say the least. As a working parent, I was doing the absolute most getting my kids on Zoom school while working from home. With all my regular responsibilities on my plate on top of being cooped up with few things to do with my family, life at home was certainly more hectic. 

All that urgency messed up my normal sleeping schedule. That’s why, in 2021, I’m promising myself: No more tossing and turning! And I’m making it happen thanks to sleep supplements.

After just my first week of Proper supplements in early January, I was starting my mornings on the right foot instead of that sour, unrested note I’d come to know far too well. I’m not experiencing the grogginess that comes with my old OTC meds (those are in the trash now). It’s not just a placebo effect – my sleep-tracking app showed a huge increase in what’s called “deep sleep.” Since my energy levels are back to normal, I’ve even gotten back into at-home HIIT before my youngest wakes up – I have time for myself now too! 

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When I took my first Proper sleep aid, all that frustrating nighttime restlessness was gone by the time I hit the pillow. I also had an impressive initial diversity of Proper supplements thanks to the Discovery Pack, which helped me choose the Proper supplement best for my health needs. The Discovery Pack included five nights each of Proper’s Core Sleep, Sleep + Clarity, Sleep + Calm, Sleep + Immunity, and Sleep + Restore so I could test them all before committing. Proper products are natural with scientifically-backed, dependency-free ingredients safe for long-term use — in fact some of the benefits build over time. They were actually kind of fun to work into my bedtime routine!

My favorite of the  Discovery Pack was the Sleep + Calm given my nighttime anxiety. It has L-theanine that reduces excitatory stimuli, sleep-assisting valerian root and Venetron®, and calming ashwagandha and GABA. With these ingredients, I’m asleep minutes after turning the lights off and awake an appropriate amount of time later, fully ready to be Super Mom and Super Me. It’s EXACTLY what I needed.

Before Proper, my poor sleep and sluggish days made being a mom, employee, wife, and generally enjoyable person really tough. Even though I still have to be a second teacher for the kids and cook meals for four every night, now, I’m well-rested, alert, and level-headed enough to handle anything that life dares to send my way. 

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If you too need sleep back in your life, act now for a limited-time deal on the Discovery Pack! It’s going for just $39.99, and if you subscribe (pause/cancel anytime), you’ll get free shipping, a special offer of 10% off every shipment, and a free personalized sleep coaching session (a $65 value). Proper sleep has never been so important, and with Proper, it’s never been easier.

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