What is the Armie Hammer Scandal?

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Famous actor Armie Hammer (known for his roles in Call Me By Your Name featuring Timothée Chalamet and The Lone Ranger featuring Johnny Depp) has recently been embroiled in an unusual scandal. 

This scandal has resulted in repercussions and plenty of gossip about Hammer’s alleged shocking series of events. If you haven’t heard anything about the scandal yet, here are some of its juiciest details people.

What is the Armie Hammer scandal?

Hammer allegedly sent highly explicit direct messages that an anonymous Instagram user released to the public. The unverified direct messages detail Hammer’s alleged graphic fantasies of cannibalism, sadomasochism, slavery, and animal cruelty. The anonymous account, which goes by the handle @houseofeffie, is a woman who alleges that she did not consent to receiving the messages or the acts discussed in them.

After @houseofeffie released her alleged messages with Hammer, she received screenshots from other women who allegedly spoke with him as well. Subsequently, @houseofeffie posted many other women’s screenshots of alleged direct messages from Hammer. These messages, sent between 2016 and 2020, showed similar exchanges in which Hammer described his fantasies. 

What are some reactions to this controversy?

Elizabeth Chambers, Hammer’s ex-wife and an actress known for her role in The Game Plan, said that she was disturbed by the messages, which Hammer allegedly sent during his marriage. Chambers also added that she will be following this scandal closely since she is shocked by how much she didn’t know. 

Paige Lorenze, Hammer’s ex-girlfriend, has spoken about her interactions with Hammer. Lorenze has claimed that Hammer shared his cannibalistic fantasies with her and that he carved the letter “A” on her body. Hammer’s lawyer then issued a statement saying that Lorenzo’s claims were not true and that all of Hammer’s interactions with Lorenze were consensual. 

Courtney Vucekovich, Hammer’s most recent ex-girlfriend (whom he dated last year), also claimed that Hammer spoke about cannibalism. She also said that she felt manipulated by Hammer’s power and charm. Vucekovich alleged that she did not feel comfortable with some things they did together. Following their breakup, she checked herself into a 30-day partial hospitalization program for PTSD and trauma.

What happened next?

Hammer was dropped by his major talent agency and later issued a statement claiming that the leaked messages are a vicious online attack. Hammer has also dropped out of the upcoming action comedy movie Shotgun Wedding featuring Jennifer Lopez. 

Hammer said that he dropped out of the movie because he felt like the controversy would be the wrong time to leave his children for four months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, Hammer said that the movie’s production company is supporting his decision and expressed gratitude to them.

Additionally, Hammer dropped his role from the upcoming series The Offer. The project is a 10-part series about the making of The Godfather.

Where is Hammer now?

Hammer has been living in Grand Cayman, where he was spotted looking joyful amidst the scandal. Chambers, Hammer’s ex-wife, lives in Grand Cayman as well and is the primary caregiver of their two children.

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