Which Coffee Brewing Method Is Best?

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There are so many ways to make and enjoy coffee. Each coffee brewing method isn’t just about technique – different methods can result in different coffee strengths and tastes. If you’re new to making your own coffee, all these differences might be daunting, and you might not know how to make coffee according to your preferences. That’s why below are some details on four leading coffee-making styles so you can decide which works best for you.

1. French press

French press coffee is made by immersing ground coffee in hot water, separating the grounds from the coffee, and pressing down on the filter. Many people like French press coffee because the process of making the coffee extracts more oils and sediment from the ground beans than any other brewing method. The French press process results in a robust flavor and creamy texture.

To make good french press coffee, you’ll need water, a kettle to filter the water, coffee beans, a scoop or scale to measure the beans, a coffee grinder, and a French press coffee maker. As such, coffee aficionados often say that making French press coffee is relatively easy and affordable. On the other hand, it can be inconvenient since you will need additional equipment such as a coffee grinder and scale. You must also accurately measure the coffee grind size and brewing time and serve the coffee immediately to prevent over-extraction (a burnt taste).

2. Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is made from finely ground Turkish coffee beans cooked in a cezve, which is a small wide-bottomed pot usually made of copper. If you don’t have a cezve, you can use a small pot. What makes Turkish coffee different is that you make it by pouring the finely ground coffee (and sugar if desired) directly into the pot with water. 

People who drink Turkish coffee like its full flavor, but it’s not conducive to being made in a rush. It’s good to wait several seconds after making Turkish coffee before serving so the grounds can sink to the bottom. People usually serve Turkish coffee with water and Turkish delights, also known as lokum or lokma. In some regions of the world, people use the coffee grinds left in the cup to tell someone’s fortune.

3. Cold-brew

Cold-brew coffee can be made in several different ways, but many people have discovered that cold-brew coffee tastes best in a French press. After adding three cups of room-temperature water, stirring, and placing the French press plunger on top, you’ll then store your coffee in the refrigerator for 12 hours. After this period, cold-brew coffee is ready to be served after pressing down on the plunger to push all the grounds to the bottom. 

Some people like cold-brew coffee because it’s less bitter, making it smoother to drink if you prefer a lighter, less acidic taste. However, you will need 12 hours to prepare this coffee, so it’s not great for when you’re in a rush.

4. Instant coffee and beverage brewing systems

Instant coffee makers are great because they’re convenient. You can quickly put a single-serve coffee container into the coffee maker and get your coffee within a few seconds. Additionally, there are numerous different coffee pod flavors that you can purchase in stores and in online marketplaces. Although the convenience of instant coffee can be an advantage, coffee experts agree that time-consuming coffee brewing methods are worth it for the taste.

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