I Have Hearing Loss But Couldn’t Afford Hearing Aids. Then I Found Nano

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Editor’s Note: Nano is offering our readers a BUY ONE AND GET THE SECOND EAR FREE on their Nano RX2000 Rechargeable hearing aids. Click here to save up to $892 now (69% off!) or call +1 480.542.9667.

Few things are more awkward and embarrassing than having to ask people to repeat themselves all the time. Yet there I was, feeling more frustrated and isolated with every “What?” I’d say to friends and strangers alike. I realized I probably needed a hearing aid, but the $3,000 or higher price tag on most hearing aids just weren’t realistic for me. I became convinced I’d be doomed to feel disconnected and isolated for the rest of my life – can you imagine a more infuriating existence?

Then, I found Nano, which makes affordable hearing aids that are just as high-quality as more expensive models. Nano keeps its prices low by staying direct-to-consumer, which means no middlemen and thus no needless price hikes. With these prices, I felt a huge burden lifted off my chest (and ears) before I even ordered my hearing aids. Plus, Nano’s 45-day money-back guarantee made my purchase risk-free.

When my hearing aids did arrive – I went with the rechargeable RX2000 since it’s Nano’s least expensive model – I immediately tried them out. They came with easily understandable directions, so I had no trouble quickly starting to wear them. Everything I needed to keep using them was there too: different earbud sizes, extra ear tubes, cleaning supplies, a carrying case. Plus, with the micro USB charging cord, I could charge my hearing aids wherever I brought my mobile charger!

Soon after I received my Nano hearing aids, I called my friend Jenny and asked if she wanted to go for a walk downtown. As she and I caught up, the usual background of rushing cars and other people’s conversations posed no challenges for my ability to clearly hear her. Never once did I have to ask Jenny to repeat herself – my RX2000’s noise reduction centered my ears right on her voice. 

The best part is, Jenny didn’t know I was wearing hearing aids until I told her! That’s because Nano hearing aids are super thin. The RX2000 is a behind-the-ear (BTE) model, so the base fits snugly out of sight behind my ear while the receiver rests in my ear canal. Now, instead of constantly struggling to hear and making it clear that I’m not hearing well, I’m understanding everything said to me with hearing aids hidden in plain sight. I can’t remember the last time I asked someone to repeat themselves!

With Nano, you too can get your hearing back without paying sky-high prices. In fact, for a limited time only, Nano is offering buy one get the second ear free on the RX2000 rechargeable hearing aids. That’s up to a $892 savings (69% off)! Visit Nano’s website now or call +1 480.542.9667 to start your journey toward fuller hearing – and a fuller you.

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