Meal Kits Aren’t Just Worth It – For Mums Like Me, They’re Game-Changing. Here’s Why

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Before becoming a mum, I used to love cooking. Although I don’t hate it now, it feels so different cooking one meal for my six-year-old, another for my two-year-old, and another for me and the hubby. It’s way more challenging too – try doing all this on a tight family budget! Recently, I was reaching my wit’s end with this all and almost pivoted to expensive takeout and subpar ready meals, but then I found EveryPlate.

With EveryPlate, I’d get family-friendly meals for as little as $4.79 a pop, and turning our raw ingredients into flavourful dinners would take just four steps. This setup would save time and money, and since EveryPlate would get us started with a great three week discount and no long-term commitment, I just had to try it. I’m so glad I did – here’s why.

EveryPlate helps us stretch our budget

With EveryPlate, our whole family of four gets five meals per week at $5.59 per meal. That’s only $110 per week — totally within our budget. EveryPlate makes adjusting our meal plan to our budget super easy, and if you too are concerned with costs, EveryPlate makes its plans and prices fully transparent.

EveryPlate delivers right to our house

Cooking isn’t the only time-suck involved in feeding a family – our trips to the supermarket take at least an hour, all while toting around some screaming, hungry kids. EveryPlate nearly eliminates supermarket runs and gets dinner ready in just half an hour (often less). Our ingredients’ recipe cards tell us what to do and when and how to do it. This means so much time back for family fun!

EveryPlate Burger with recipe

EveryPlate uses only high-quality ingredients

At first, I was worried that EveryPlate’s low prices would mean cheap ingredients, and wow was I wrong! Everything arrives fresh and properly insulated in only the amounts you need so your ingredients don’t go bad. Meats, veggies, herbs, sauces, pasta – it’s all there in top quality, ready to go.

EveryPlate recipes are full of flavour

Pork Rissoles & Saucy Onions. Honey-Soy Glazed Steak. Sweet Chilli Tofu & Veggie Stir-Fry. There’s something for everyone on EveryPlate’s menu, which gives us recipes we know everyone will enjoy, that aren’t too fussy. The kids especially love the Chicken & Sweet Potato Fries, and the Middle Eastern Beef Meatballs.

EveryPlate brings the family together

After a month with EveryPlate, I thought: If the cooking is so easy, I should have the kids help! Now, we’re all cooking together, so we eat earlier (no more 10PM meals after long office days) and spend way more time together. The kids are delighted to see how their meals are made, and we’re having a blast watching them learn. We’re so happy we started with EveryPlate.

EveryPlate makes starting easy (with no commitment)

Even before I experienced cooking with EveryPlate, I felt little reason to hesitate. That’s partly because I can skip weeks or cancel my plan with no fees, and it’s also because EveryPlate offers discounts on your first, second, and third boxes. Just click here for 40% off your first box plus 20% off your second and third boxes! That’s meals from as little as $2.87 per plate. Food, fun, and more time and money for the whole family are just clicks away.

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