Here’s How I Save Daily With My Extended Car Warranty

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Ask any car owner about their warranty and they’ll probably regale you with tales of aggressive salespeople forcing a plan without actually explaining what’s inside it. I bought one of these plans after getting the keys to my new car, but I always had the sinking feeling that I overpaid: After all, who doesn’t want to drive off the car dealer lot with assurance that their car is fully covered?

During a long weekend road trip with my family, I started thinking about what was actually in my policy. Would this bloated, expensive policy cover any mechanical breakdowns? That’s when I realized just how important it was to take a closer look at what I bought. A few internet searches later, and I found

With, I know exactly how what I’m spending on my plan translates to savings on repairs. plans cost, on average, one-third what other brands charge since has no salespeople or other middlemen who jack up the price. And all plans include clear, plain language alongside clear, plain prices – goodbye confusion, hello (finally) simple repairs!

After I got my quote, nobody hounded me with those awful, forceful sales calls. Since is entirely online, I made my decision at my own pace after looking through all plans and prices. A big thing I noticed: no long-term contracts. Yup, does away with all those needlessly binding terms and cancelation fees. Everything is month-to-month, and I can theoretically cancel at any time, but I absolutely can’t imagine doing that.

You see,’s pricing and transparency actually result in great service. Every time I’ve filed a repair claim through the mobile app, it’s been approved near-instantly. also updates me at every step of the way, so my car isn’t needlessly stuck in shops for days. And takes steps to keep me out of the repairs shop in the first place – with its CarCash program, I get $5 per month to put toward maintenance. Within a few months, I have enough to cover oil changes!

If I do need work done, makes finding a repair shop super easy since it has no preferred provider networks – I can go literally anywhere for repairs. Even though plans to introduce a network of discounted repair shops, I’ll still be able to go anywhere. And with’s coverage, no matter where I go, I’ll still pay way less than with my old plans!

Atop this all, gives me everyday discounts on eating, shopping, traveling, and more. says its typical customer saves $1,760 per year with these discounts, and based on my experience, that sounds about right! I’m truly saving on every front – both regular life and car stuff – with, and you can too.

If you’re looking for an affordable, thorough auto repair plan, get your quote now – it takes just seconds, and signing up takes just minutes. Plus, through the end of the month, is giving the first month free plus 20% off your lifetime subscriptionjust click here to get started!

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