Get Certified + Get Paid This Summer With ISSA’s Group Exercise Instructor Course

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The past year’s stay-at-home orders proved deeply challenging for many people, some of whom have responded by totally rethinking how they once lived, worked, and played. These people have figured out how to do all three at once and emerged way happier and more empowered.

ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association, is all about this trio! With ISSA’s Group Exercise Instructor certification, you can turn your passion for group training into a full-time job – and you can do so on your own schedule. You’ll emerge as your own boss in a field you absolutely love, and you can take this journey right from home. ISSA turns your longtime daydreams into achievable realities!

Why Group Exercise?

Among everyday people, group exercise is booming as a fitness choice – HIIT, spinning, kickboxing, bootcamp, the list goes on. With ISSA’s Group Exercise Instructor certification, you’ll learn all about 12 especially popular group exercises and how to lead classes in each. With every session you lead, you’ll revitalize your life – and the lives of others – even more!

Through ISSA’s Group Exercise Instructor program, you’ll learn the science behind why group fitness works for everyone in the room. You’ll also learn how to design classes to meet your group’s fitness level and adjust them for other groups. And you’ll learn injury prevention so you can safely empower all kinds of eager groups. You’ll know exactly how to become the Group Exercise Instructor you’ve always wanted to be and change your life in the process!

Group Exercise Job Outlook

Transforming your life through group exercise isn’t just possible – it’s realistic! Group exercise jobs are abundant and growing: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the entire fitness and training industry to grow continuously, and group fitness jobs often pay well, too. 

ISSA knows this all and will have you ready to work the moment you receive your Group Exercise Instructor certificate. You’ll emerge from your course fully prepared to lead groups in intense, heart-pumping workouts – while you live the life you want doing what you love!


ISSA knows that you have so many responsibilities to manage every day that can make it difficult to squeeze in dedicated hours to training. That’s why you can take your ISSA Group Exercise Instructor classes at whatever pace you want. This way, you can get all your usual stuff done without forgoing your path toward your dream. And with just an hour or two of daily study, completed at your own pace and whenever you want during the day, you’ll be on pace to finish your course in 8 to 10 weeks!

Starting your ISSA Group Exercise Instructor program is easy too. You’ll start for free – no credit checks! You can even arrange a payment plan if finances are a concern for you right now. With ISSA, your budget and your schedule are flexible, so you can become exactly the Group Exercise Instructor you want to be on only your own terms.

The ISSA Group Exercise Instruction program includes ISSA’s comprehensive online textbook, which ISSA updates in real-time to reflect the latest fitness discoveries and trends. You’ll also get unlimited learning support from ISSA’s dedicated student success team, quizzes for mastering your material along the way, and an accredited, untimed, open-book final exam.

Best of all, once you pass your final exam, ISSA guarantees you a job within six months. If not, you get your money back! ISSA truly takes the risk out of pursuing your dreams – and all you need to get started is to visit ISSA’s website and enroll today

Get Started

As an ISSA-certified Group Exercise Instructor, you’ll rejuvenate your life and truly enjoy your days. You’ll fulfill your love of fitness and training while interacting with real people and bringing meaning into your life. You’ll finally combine your work, life, and passions into one. 

So why wait any longer? Simply click here to get started and open the doors to your dream personal and professional life – all on your own terms.

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