Get Certified + Get Paid This Summer With ISSA’s Certified Nutritionist Course

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Among the challenges of staying at home more lately, some people have radically changed how they live, work, and find time for their passions. These people have found ways to meaningfully do all three at once and emerged from challenging times more rejuvenated and empowered than ever before.

This journey is exactly what ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association, is all about! As an ISSA-certified Nutritionist, you can achieve your longtime dreams and find meaningful work right from home. And you can do it all as your own boss, on your own schedule. As an ISSA-certified Nutritionist, you can truly take control of your life!

Why Nutrition?

Even the best athletes can’t out-exercise poor nutrition, because you really are what you eat. As an ISSA-certified Nutritionist, you can coach athletes on how to change their eating and lifestyle habits to get more key micronutrients and macronutrients. You’ll empower athletes to know their stuff come mealtime – and you’ll empower yourself with a new and meaningful career!

Through your ISSA Nutritionist course, you’ll learn all about dietary trends and myths, standard dietary guidelines, how to read product labels, supplementation and more. You’ll also discover how to create a personalized nutrition plan for any client and explain not just which nutrients to prioritize, but how to get them into their diet, too. Your clients will achieve all kinds of inspiring results, and you’ll find your own life way more inspiring too!

If you’re interested in nutrition and you’re already a trainer, your ISSA certification means you won’t lose clients to other trainers who double as Nutritionists. As a non-trainer, being a Nutritionist means you have a giant market of potential clients since so many trainers aren’t Nutritionists. Plus, the nutrition industry is growing rapidly – there’s no better time to join!

Nutrition Jobs Outlook

Being a Nutritionist sounds great, right? Well, good news – nutrition is also a high-earning, opportunity-filled field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts far greater growth for the nutrition industry than most others. 

ISSA knows this and teaches you what it takes to start your own successful nutrition business. You’ll emerge from your classes fully ready to be your own boss and transform your life!


ISSA understands that personal finances and growing responsibilities so often shackle us to uninspiring lives and jobs. That’s why you can move through the program at whatever pace you want. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can take your online Nutritionist courses anywhere, anytime

You’ll also pay $0 to start – no pesky administrative fees or credit checks. If money might stop you from pursuing your dreams, ISSA will gladly arrange a payment plan. This means you can work toward your goals without feeling financially drained. And given the fully online, flexible-schedule classes, you won’t feel mentally drained either!

For ISSA’s Nutritionist course, you’ll get an online textbook, a library of client forms, unlimited education support, and a guided, structured study program. Your program will include practice quizzes and lessons that you can move through at your own pace. You’ll even take your final exam untimed and open book! 

The best part is that after you pass your final exam, ISSA gives you a six-month window to find a job or get your money back. And all you need to start your transformation is to visit ISSA’s website today!

Get Started

With ISSA’s Nutritionist certification program, you can knock down all the roadblocks in the way of your dream. As a Nutritionist, you’ll interact with people every day, whether in-person or online from home, all while sharing your love of nutrition. You’ll feel fulfilled around the clock, and all you need to reach this inspiring destination is to visit ISSA’s website and enroll!

So why wait any longer? Simply click here to enroll and take the first step toward the personal and professional life you’ve always wanted!

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