Become A Certified Trainer + Get Clients This Summer With ISSA’s 5-in-5 Course

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The last year has been difficult for some, as shutdown orders kept people out of groups and stuck at home. For some people, though, staying home sparked a new energy and a desire to do something different. These folks responded by radically transforming their own lives, trading in their day jobs to do something they love instead.

This transformation is what ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association, is all about! And with ISSA’s new 5-in-5 program, amateur and longtime personal trainers can get five clients in just five weeks so they can quickly grow their dream business. The ISSA 5-in-5 program is a huge step toward making your longtime dreams a reality and completely changing your life!

Why 5-in-5?

Every fitness expert wants to connect with people and help them meet their fitness goals. The thing is, finding these clients is often easier said than done – unless you sign up for ISSA’s 5-in-5 course. If you follow ISSA’s step-by-step process, you’ll have not just five clients after five weeks, but all the tools you need to grow your business!

These tools include five months of unlimited access to the SmartFitness software program to meet, work with, and receive payment from all kinds of clients. You’ll also be invited into ISSA’s exclusive 5-in-5 Facebook group, where you can meet tons of other trainers and feel supported as you become the trainer you’ve always wanted to be!

ISSA strength and conditioning coach

What You’ll Learn

ISSA’s 5-in-5 program includes 90-minute weekly webinars led by Jen Heward, an ISSA-Certified Personal Trainer whose online business has thousands of clients. Jen will teach you about how she went from having her own in-person gym to moving online and racking up millions of Instagram followers. After you learn how Jen achieved this life-changing goal, you’ll find it easy to do the same!

You’ll also learn how to build out your ideal work environment while building a brand that reflects who you are and what you love. You’ll emerge knowing all the tips and tricks for building an operation plan that connects you with new clients. And you’ll be prepared to keep finding new clients at every stage of your growth!

As your 5-in-5 courses progress, you can ask Jen and your 5-in-5 peers all your questions. Alternatively, you can ask ISSA’s support team for help. And that’s not the only way ISSA is there for you.


ISSA knows that regular life – money, adult obligations – is the biggest obstacle to unlocking that meaningful, fulfilling dream. That’s why you can start ISSA’s 5-in-5 course for free and schedule your classes however you want during your course’s five-week run. If you have additional financial concerns, no worries – ISSA is happy to set up payment plans so you can transform your life within your budget!

ISSA’s 5-in-5 course is also unlike most other fitness courses in that there’s no final exam. In ISSA’s eyes, if you can get five clients by the end of the course, then you’ve learned what you came for! Whether you’re newly certified as a Personal Trainer or you’ve been doing this for years, ISSA can help you grow – and all you need to start finding clients is to visit ISSA’s website for access!

Get Started

After you complete your ISSA 5-in-5 course, you’ll be all set to start your path toward a more fulfilling life. With ISSA, you can grow your dream fitness business right from home and move away from everything that’s held you back. Plus, with five new clients in your pocket, you’ll feel even more confident about finding new clients – and the more clients you get, the more it’ll settle in that your fantasy is now your reality. 

To begin your ISSA 5-in-5 path today, simply visit ISSA’s website to get started. Click here to enroll today and begin a life full of meaning and purpose!

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