How To Buy Your Homeowners Insurance Plan In Five Minutes

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Homeowners often find that all the moving parts involved in buying a new house get complicated fast, and there’s one part in particular that irks homeowners time and again. Ask the average homeowner, and they’ll tell you that finding a good homeowner’s insurance plan is super stressful. They’ll say that finding plans with low annual premiums, high property and electronics coverage limits, and important add-ons is close to impossible. However, Hippo Insurance Services has all these things and more.

Annual premiums on policies offered by Hippo are up to 25% lower than those of other homeowners insurance companies. Hippo isn’t shy about this fact either, as it can generate homeowners a thorough quote in 60 seconds and sign them up for plans in under five minutes. Plans offered by Hippo also offer four times as much electronics coverage as those from comparable brands. They further include highly in-demand add-ons (if selected) such as enhanced appliance coverage; water damage from things like pipe bursts or resulting from windstorms or hail; and damaged underground gas, water, and sewer lines from wear and tear, rust, collapse, and freeze.

Beyond this house-specific coverage, eco-friendly homeowners will also be pleased to learn that some Hippo policyholders will qualify for a no-cost smart home kit, which Hippo pairs with an additional 10% premium discount. Hippo says it offers this perk because smart home technology can detect potential issues before they become major home problems.

If an issue does become a serious problem, customers can rest assured that Hippo’s claims team will handle it quickly and professionally. That’s because Hippo’s claims team runs a preferred partner network full of trusted repair professionals. Through this network, Hippo pairs customers with a vetted contractor to address claims, so policyholders can feel more confident in their homes’ condition and safety than ever before. 

That all the above comes at the best prices in the market is part and parcel of Hippo’s appeal. For significantly less money than homeowners might expect, they can finally stop stressing about damage, theft, and other home concerns when they choose Hippo. If, like many homeowners, you’re in the market for a fairly priced, wide-ranging homeowner’s insurance policy, click here to get your 60-second quote and keep your home your haven.

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