Why Busy Co. Beauty Wipes Are Better Than Neutrogena and Sephora

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Face, body and feminine wipes are certainly easier and simpler than a full daytime or nighttime routine – they’re excellent for quickly removing grime from your busy day or just freshening up when you’re on the go. Sure, they’re convenient, but they’re not always ideal: Many brands contain undesirable ingredients, and on top of that, they are an environmental nightmare. 

Many sustainable shoppers settle for big names like Neutrogena and Sephora – but increasingly popular – Busy Co. offers great quality while being 100% eco-friendly.

Busy Co.’s great reputation doesn’t come from just skincare bloggers and other experts. We’ve done additional research to demonstrate precisely why Busy Co. is better than Neutrogena and Sephora. Below, we’ll explain where the brands overlap and differ, and then we’ll tell you why Busy Co. is our top pick.

Quick Guide: Busy Co. vs. Neutrogena vs. Sephora

Busy Co.NeutrogenaSephora
Natural & Skin Nourishing IngredientsHigherAverageAverage
Zero-waste wipesXX
Eco-friendly manufacturingXX
Sustainable packagingXX
Wipes specific to body partsXX
Rich skincare benefitsX
Free of harmful chemicalsX
BusyCo cleaning cloths

Six reasons why Busy Co. is better

1. Busy Co. wipes have higher-quality ingredients.

Take a gander at the label on Busy Co.’s face wipes, and you’ll see natural ingredients versus those of Neutrogena’s wipes. Busy Co.’s ingredient lists comprise only high-quality materials, whereas Neutrogena face wipes include a warning that their ingredient lists may not be complete, up-to-date, or reliable. Notably, Busy Co. and Sephora are about even as ingredient quality goes – where Busy Co. pulls ahead in other considerations.

2. Busy Co. offers way more wipe options.

Where Neutrogena offers just one type of face wipe, Busy Co. offers five. That means way more options depending on your needs. Looking to rejuvenate your skin? Busy Co.’s Brightening Facial Serum Pads have you covered. For a refreshing cleanse, try the Clarify & Cleanse Facial Serum Pads. To repair damaged skin, Busy Co.’s Age Defense Facial Serum Pads are your friend. Neutrogena doesn’t have enough types of face wipes to meet all these needs.

Although Sephora does have many face wipe options, that’s all it has. Busy Co., on the other hand, offers body, hand, and feminine wipes. Where Sephora wipes don’t combat oily or dry skin beyond your face, Busy Co. addresses full-body skincare needs without an intense, time-consuming beauty routine.

3. Busy Co. wipes are zero-waste.

Busy Co. wipes are 100% biodegradable. That’s because they’re made from upcycled, repurposed, unbleached plant fibers sourced from t-shirt scraps and other waste. Each wipe’s mylar sachet is also entirely recyclable, as are all Busy Co. cartons. 

Neutrogena and Sephora wipes and packaging, on the other hand, can only be put in the trash. In fact, Sephora wipes come with a warning about improper disposal, as though putting used Sephora wipes anywhere other than the trash is dangerous. That’s pretty much the opposite of good for the earth.

4. Busy Co.’s wipes come with rich skincare benefits.

Unlike Neutrogena, Busy Co.’s face wipes do more than cleanse. They also include ingredients such as vitamin C, coffeeberry, and clover that respectively brighten, soothe, and protect your skin

Sephora wipes do include a few skin-healthy ingredients, but only a few, plus each wipe’s ingredients differ. Busy Co. includes skin-healthy aloe and citric acid in all its wipes, then adds to those with ingredients unique to each wipe. With Busy Co., you don’t just get a quick, convenient refresh today – you get a better look tomorrow and every day after.

5. Busy Co. is free of harmful chemicals.

In the Busy Co. vs. Neutrogena showdown, only Busy Co. can claim to be free of harmful chemicals. That’s because in internationally outsourcing its manufacturing, Neutrogena escapes regulations banning the use of chemicals in its products. Busy Co., on the other hand, avoids parabens, aluminum, artificial fragrances, and other unsafe ingredients. That means with Busy Co., there’s no long-term damage underlying your immediately beautiful glow. 

Sephora wipes contain alcohol and fragrances, and they do not add the same skin-healthy ingredients to all its wipes or offer wipes for more than one body part. Busy Co. excels Sephora in this and many other regards and clearly trounces Neutrogena too, and that’s part of why it’s our best pick.

6. Busy Co.’s manufacturing processes are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Busy Co. uses American wind power in its manufacturing processes. The result is a carbon footprint several orders of magnitude lower than Neutrogena and Sephora. Neutrogena outsources its manufacturing internationally without investing in sustainable processes, and Sephora’s processes, though domestic, don’t prioritize the environment. Between Busy Co.’s sustainable manufacturing processes and waste-free products, it’s clearly the superior choice.

Busy Co. is the clear winner

Although Neutrogena is a popular go-to found in many drugstores and Sephora is an iconic name, many people buying wipes want more than what these two brands offer. Beauty wipe shoppers want high-quality, safe, eco-friendly options that do more than just clean, on more body parts than just the face. To us, that makes Busy Co. the clear winner

Busy Co. wipes are chemical-free, zero-waste, and full of ingredients with long-term benefits beyond a quick refresh. Busy Co. also offers face wipes and body, feminine, and hand wipes, which isn’t the case with Neutrogena and Sephora. Busy Co.’s care for both your full body and the environment is an unbeatable combo.

Get started with Busy Co. now!

Browse Busy Co.’s website to find the perfect face or body wipe for your quickest, healthiest clean-ups. Once you order your wipes, an entirely recyclable carton with fully-compostable face wipes will arrive at your doorstep just days later. And then, you’ll have wipes that aren’t just convenient – they’re safe, waste-free, and high-quality too.

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