I Tossed and Turned On Cheap, Scratchy Sheets. Then, I Found Parachute.

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When I come home and jump into bed, I really want – and need! – a good night’s rest. However, I’ve long struggled to get proper shuteye: I’m known to drink a whole pot of coffee just to jumpstart my day. I’ve purchased so many sheet sets, hoping that each one would keep me comfortable so I’d stop tossing and turning, but they all have that same awful, rough texture. The ones I bought from a big box store that did feel good never lasted more than a handful of washes, either. Anything that was high quality was out of my price range, too. Was there a sheet set that checked all the boxes? 

I was convinced that I’d just have to accept that dark circles were my new accessory, but then my sister introduced me to Parachute and its Linen Starter Bedroom Bundle. She said that these sheets made a huge difference in how well she slept without breaking the bank. The convenient bundle came with everything she needed for comfy, luxurious bedding in one easy purchase: It comes with a linen top sheet, down pillow, duvet insert, duvet cover, pillowcase set, and fitted sheet. Goodbye, running around to a zillion stores. Hello, convenience! On her endorsement, I ordered a set for myself and gave them a chance.

It only took a few nights to notice the difference with Parachute. Thanks to Parachute’s supremely warm, cozy, comfy bedding, I found myself not fighting the sheets or shuddering at the thought of the rough fabric scraping against my skin. I loved them so much that I was almost afraid to wash them in case I ruined them, but they made it through the wash and dry cycles unharmed, and they felt even better afterward! They wore in, not out – an indicator of their high quality.

Speaking of high quality, Parachute doesn’t just not skimp on the quality, but actively invests in making an eco-friendly product. Parachute has an Oeko-Tex certification to show that its products are free of harmful chemicals or synthetics. Everything about it has me sleeping sound and secure. 

I also love that Parachute designs all its products to look like they’re straight out of a catalog. Their clean, modern aesthetic looks right at home on my bed and really ties the room together. Comfort, quality, clean living, and it looks great? I’m just mad I didn’t learn about Parachute earlier!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Can Parachute be comfortable, stylish, and affordable? I assure you, I was just as hesitant until I saw Parachute’s overwhelmingly positive reviews and 60-day free trial, free shipping, and free returns. With all the enthusiasm from real people and a flexible return window, I didn’t hesitate to try Parachute – and as you can see, I’m really glad I did.

Fast forward to now, and those zombie eyes and my tossing and turning are long gone. I’m getting that much-needed eight hours of sleep every night and waking up each morning feeling refreshed and well-rested. If you too are having trouble sleeping for any reason, I swear Parachute is the difference you need. So what are you waiting for? A lifetime of better nights – and, as a result, days – is just a click away.

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