The Best New Streaming Shows Available September 2021

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Summer is coming to a close, and with your springtime favorites checked off the list, it’s time to get cozy indoors with some new favorite shows. Between brand-new offerings and newly available cult classics, the major streaming platforms are ready to get a piece of your time. Break out your snacks and blankets and get ready for this fall’s best new streaming options list below.

1. Sexy Beasts

Available on Netflix

Netflix original Sexy Beasts features contestants in advanced prosthetics, made to look like human-animal chimeras and other strange creatures on blind dates. It’s a unique, unusual take on the blind-date game show. It’s a wild commentary on seeing past the characters we all play day-to-day.

2. The Walking Dead

Available on Netflix

A brand new season of AMC’s The Walking Dead premiered on August 22nd. The long-running series goes into its 11th season this year. With several line-up changes and tons left unexplained, you won’t want to miss the tying loose of all loose ends. And if you need to catch up on past episodes, you can find those on Netflix too.

3. Sweet Tooth

Available on Netflix

This DC Comics series takes place in a post-apocalyptic society where humans are being born with animal attributes. Rich with visually poetic social commentary, Sweet Tooth caringly depicts several childrens’ lives of media-frenzy-led persecution. 

4. Saved By The Bell

Available on Netflix

Even for younger generations, this cult classic is oozing with memories and nostalgia. All nine seasons of Saved By The Bell, alongside both Saved By The Bell movies, will be available for streaming on Netflix this September. Dedicated fans should be sure to check out the reboot!

5. Tuca & Bertie

Available on Adult Swim 

This millennial animated comedy is a beautiful dissection of friendship, love, and modern life. Tuca & Bertie is a rapid-fire, zany, visually overstimulating adult cartoon with fascinating character designs, vibrant color schemes, and anecdotally rich storylines. It’s a fun watch for anyone in the same age range as the main characters, but maybe not anyone younger. Renewed by Adult Swim after a Netflix cancellation, Tuca & Bertie’s second season premiered on June 13th.

6. Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return

Available on Netflix

Another quirky cult classic TV show is reborn for new and old audiences with the return of Mystery Science Theatre. In this series, a man in space is forcibly subject to a series of awful movies by mad scientists. Trying to maintain his sanity while working out escape plans in goofy skits throughout the episode, he brutally mocks these old, embarrassingly bad films with his robot friends. 

A refreshing experience for the kind of person who loves to talk while they watch movies and TV, Mystery Science Theatre will have you feeling right at home. The two latest seasons are available now on Netflix, with a third currently under development as an independent production.

What are your favorite new shows on Netflix and other streaming platforms? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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