7 Reasons Why I Ditched Big Box Store Bedding For Parachute

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Although bedding can be convenient to buy from the big box store near my house, I always found these options lacking in comfort and quality. The worst part was that, after just a few washes, my sheets would pill and lose their soft, fluffy texture. It wasn’t until my coworker told me about Parachute that I discovered what quality bedding truly was. Here’s why I ditched big-box bedding for Parachute’s Linen Double Up Bundle.

1. Parachute’s products are high quality

With Parachute, I’ve said goodbye to ripped sheets, pilling, and rough textures. That’s because Parachute’s bedding is thoughtfully designed in Los Angeles and sent to expert Portuguese craftspeople and fourth-generation American mattress makers for manufacturing. Parachute tends to every little detail, and I feel that care every night, with the beauty sleep to show for it. 

2. Parachute is a great value

Looking at Parachute’s prices, you might think that it’s a little higher than what you’d pay at a big box store. The quality of Parachute’s bedding is priceless, though. It’s a great long-term investment in your sleep, especially when compared to other sheet purveyors. Would you rather buy one high-quality, long-lasting sheet set or keep taking trips to the store to replace your torn, raggedy sheets? That’s a major part of why I chose Parachute!

3. Parachute is eco-friendly 

For folks like me who pride ourselves on staying eco-friendly, Parachute is a no-brainer. All its bedding options are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they’re made without any harmful chemicals or synthetics. That means my bedding isn’t contributing to planet-destroying pollution. I sleep way more peacefully at night knowing that my purchases are better for both me and the planet. 

4. Parachute is easy to buy

Forget hopping among several stores to cobble together a full sheet set. With Parachute’s bundles, you get pillow covers, a duvet insert, a duvet cover, a fitted sheet, and more all just by clicking “add to cart.” It doesn’t get easier than that! Plus, Parachute makes purchases easy with a 60-day trial, free shipping, and free returns. You can try Parachute without any hesitation, and I’m willing to bet you’ll absolutely love it.

5. Parachute’s products are stunning

Goodbye boring bedsheets, hello stunning designs! Rather than trying to keep up with trends by continually making new fast-fashion products, Parachute designs its bedding to make long-lasting decorative impacts in your bedroom. Its modern design approach results in timeless pieces in a color palette you can mix-match and layer however you please. 

6. Parachute gives back to the community

As an eco-friendly person, I’m (unsurprisingly) a sucker for a company that gives back. Parachute checks that box: It teams up with the United Nations’ Nothing But Nets campaign to send lifesaving malaria-prevention bed nets to those in need. When I buy Parachute, I fund initiatives that truly improve more than just my own life.

7. Parachute lasts forever

Due to Parachute being such high-quality, their products tend to wear in, not out. For me, it feels like my bedding becomes softer with each wash! Say goodbye to the quick wear-and-tear bedding, and hello to a bed bundle that’ll last you a lifetime. With just a few clicks, you too can get sheets delivered right to your door and experience the best slumber of your life.

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