How to Make Smoothie Bowls and Açaí Bowls

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Health consciousness is on the rise at an unprecedented rate, and people all over the planet are changing how they eat in the name of cruelty-free sustainability. Açaí bowls and smoothie bowls have been trending for a few years in many cafés and restaurants because they’re are sustainable, healthy, and easy to make. If you’re looking for a new quick, vitamin-rich meal on the go, keep reading for some exciting, new smoothie bowl and açaí bowl tips.

What is açaí?

The açaí is a berry high in antioxidants, heart-healthy fats, fiber, and calcium. A diet high in raw fruits and vegetables such as açaí keeps the body healthy by fighting cancer, arthritis, and heart disease. This trendy superfood is likely to be found powdered or pitted, then frozen.

What is an açaí bowl?

The açaí bowl is an endlessly customizable parfait, with a sorbet made from açaí berries and milk or yogurt as the base. It’s essentially a highly specific style of crafting a smoothie bowl. Be sure to include all of your favorite fruits and berries, and don’t forget the granola!

What is a smoothie bowl?

Think of a smoothie bowl as a serving of healthy ice cream for breakfast. A smoothie bowl is like a sundae made from whole ingredients and fresh fruit. The fruit puree is blended to a thicker, creamier consistency, put in a bowl instead of a cup, topped with diced fruits and nuts, then eaten with a spoon.

Preparing your food

You’ll need a blender or food processor to perfect your açaí or smoothie bowl. To start, round up your favorite frozen fruits to use in your smoothie bowl. Some fruits will get blended into the sorbet, and you can slice others to use as topping alongside your nuts and granola. You can buy frozen fruit or buy it whole, cut it, and freeze some yourself. 

Frozen overripe bananas are extra sweet and perfect for getting a soft, pillowy texture from your blended fruit and yogurt. For a protein boost, try powdering oats in the blender before adding your wet, frozen ingredients. If you’re going for an extra creamy blend, try using yogurt instead of whole milk, or try oat milk if you’re on a plant-based diet. Both vanilla and peppermint extract can be an excellent surprise in this recipe! 

Assemble your smoothie bowl

Set out three bowls, one for frozen fruit, one for fruit to be sliced as a topping, and another for granola, nuts, and other ingredients. Add the frozen fruit and berries and a dash of your chosen emulsifying liquid to the blender. Getting your sorbet that perfect texture may take some trial and error. You can always measure your ingredients if you’re feeling truly meticulous. You’re going to want your ratio to be about half a cup of liquid for every cup of fruit.

When your sorbet is smooth, scoop the contents of the blender out into serving bowls. Top with the ingredients you set aside in the other two bowls and enjoy.

What’s your favorite smoothie bowl combo? Sound off in the comments!

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