New to Making Smoothies? Try These Four Simple Recipes

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Smoothies are for everyone! They’re full of flavor and often quite nutritious. They make for great, breakfasts that you can take with you, and they’re easy and quick to make — you can freeze the ingredients ahead of time and just toss them into your blender.

Even those with no experience making smoothies can quickly become smoothie savants — all it takes is a basic blender and a creative mind. To easily guide you into regularly making and devouring scrumptious smoothies, here are four simple recipes that are as flavorful as they are healthy — just dump the ingredients into your blender and go!

Love and Lemons’ Cinnamon Coffee Smoothie. Minus the optional ingredients, you probably already have everything it takes to make this one. This recipe will give you a nice caffeine kick to jumpstart your day. Feel free to substitute peanut butter for almond butter, or regular milk for almond milk, to better fit your diet.

All Recipes’ Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie. Just like the Cinnamon Coffee Smoothie, everything you need for this one is probably already in your kitchen. For a portion size more appropriate for just one person, use half the amount of each ingredient listed. Alternatively, you can pre-portion the ingredients.

Cooking Light’s Rich Dark Chocolate Smoothie. Although nothing about this recipe is technically challenging, dates are an interesting twist — they’re as sweet as sugar but much healthier. Trust us — both that and cocoa powder are fully worth buying for this delightful smoothie.

A Latte Food’s Fresh Orange Smoothie. Perhaps the easiest of all these recipes, with commonplace ingredients. Just peel the fruits and combine them with the other ingredients in your blender and voila! A Vitamin C-packed, super sweet smoothie.

It can be difficult to commit to breakfast when you’re in a rush in the morning. Now, with these four recipes, you can get into a good routine that makes it simple to have a healthy meal in the morning without all the dishes and prep time. Never skip breakfast again — with these recipes in hand, there’s no excuse!

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